Where Do You Put Decals On A Truck?

truck rear window decals
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Where Do You Put Decals On A Truck?

Applying vinyl decals on company trucks is a great idea to promote your business or brand. Besides, vinyl truck stickers are also popular for personalizing your vehicles. After purchasing vehicle decals, where do you put decals on a truck? Below are some suggestions about picking the perfect spot to install your truck graphics.


Find the Perfect Spot to Apply Truck Decals

Vinyl decals and stickers are quite easy to install and afford you more options. They can be installed on the car’s body, windows, tires, bumpers, etc. So which position is the most suitable one for decals?


Company Truck

If your truck wraps or graphics are to display a message about your company, you will have several different placement options.

Where do you put decals on a truck?

The driver’s side door panel is the most obvious placement idea for your decals. Everyone that drives on this side of your vehicle, or sees it parked will easily see your message.

truck tailgates decals

Tailgate is another great option for your decals. The back of the vehicle is as close to the average sightline of other drivers and pedestrians, so tailgate is going to be the optimum location for truck decals.

truck rear window decals

The top of the back window is also a place where the most eyeballs are apt. When a vehicle is parked, passed, followed, stopped at a light, etc. the visibility is always better from the rear. People behind you will be able to clearly read your message.


Personal Truck

If the decals or stickers are for personal use, you can apply them to any position you like. Useful suggestions would be selecting the right material for your decals. Besides, it’s necessary to understand that decals applied vertically will have a longer lifespan than those applied horizontally.


How to Put Decals on A Truck?

There are mainly two application methods, wet and dry. The wet install method is for decals with permanent adhesive, while the dry installation method is for graphics with removable adhesive, bubble-free technology, and re-positioning function.


How to Put A Decal on A Truck Window?

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