Vinyl Wraps Installation Training – ACME Graphic

ACME company graphics installation training

Vinyl Wraps Installation Training – ACME Graphic

Early April, ACME held a training on “vinyl wraps installation”. Mr. Hou, the 3M endorsed fleet graphics installer, shared with us many tips regarding vinyl films application.

vinyl wraps installation training ACME company

What are the major tools you need during vinyl wraps installation?

Squeegee, utility knife, heat gun, and primer are four essential tools during vinyl graphics installation.


What will be the proper temperature when heating a vinyl wrap during installation?

Usually, the vinyl film can be applied to the flat surface without heating. However, when it’s come to the curved area or corrugations, pre-heating will be necessary. Adjust the temperature of the heat gun to 350℃, then heat the film at a distance of about 15-20cm. The surface temperature of the film should be maintained at 60~70℃. An infrared thermometer will be needed in this procedure.
After vinyl wraps have been installed, we need to reheat the film surface. At this stage, the surface temperature of the film should be maintained at 80~90℃.
ATTENTION: Please do not keep heating on a certain spot, otherwise it will destroy the graphics, just like the video below.

Do you know that the heat gun has this useful function?

When applying some large size vinyl graphics, sometimes the uninstalled part may get wrinkled. Mr. Hou showed us how to recover the wrinkled vinyl films to flat ones.


For more detailed info. regarding graphics installation, please check our installation guidelines. Or you could email us your inquires, our professionals will be at your service.

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