Vinyl Wrap for Bus in Carmen

Vinyl Wrap for Bus in Carmen
Case Study

Vinyl Wrap for Bus in Carmen


ACME Graphic recently undertook a significant project to produce a custom vinyl wrap for the new Yutong buses deployed in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche. This project aimed to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of the city’s public transportation system.


Improve Aesthetic Appeal: Create a visually appealing design that reflects the city’s culture and vibrancy.
Enhance Brand Visibility: Promote Yutong’s brand and the city’s public transportation initiative.
Durability: Ensure the vinyl wrap withstands various weather conditions and daily wear and tear.

Design and Production

This design incorporated local cultural elements and modern design aesthetics. The wrap featured bright colors, local motifs, and the city’s emblem, making the buses stand out while promoting local heritage.

Vinyl Wrap for Bus in Carmen

Features of the Vinyl Wrap

High-Quality Materials: Durable, weather-resistant vinyl.
UV Protection: Prevents fading from sunlight exposure.

bus wrap acme graphic

The vinyl-wrapped Yutong buses have significantly enhanced the visual appeal of the city’s public transport fleet. They have also contributed to a positive perception among residents and visitors, highlighting the modernization of the local transportation system.

ACME Graphic’s successful implementation of the vinyl wrap for Yutong buses in Ciudad del Carmen underscores the company’s expertise in delivering high-quality, customized graphic solutions.

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