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Vinyl Weeding Competition – ACME Graphic Company Activities

What is Weeding Vinyl?

Vinyl weeding refers to the process of removing all excess vinyl material from any decal or graphics that are cut-to-shape. Weeding small letters and decals can be a difficult task, but it is a crucial process for the vinyl graphic industry.

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In order to improve employees’ weeding skills and strengthen the exchange of experience, ACME held a skill competition. The product to be weeded is a white vinyl cut with small letterings, which is very challenging for weeding.

Everyone has different methods and skills for weeding, the time spent is also different.


Weeding Tips for Small Lettering and Decals

Although weeding small lettering or graphics is a tricky job, there are some tips that can help to improve your efficiency. Let’s check if you already know the below methods and welcome to share your good ideas with us!

1. Check on your cutting machine. Confirm that your blade is in good condition. Using a dull blade will lead to poorly cut decals and make the weeding process very difficult.

2. Weed directly after cutting, waiting too long to weed after cutting will allow the adhesive to flow back, causing the design to lift with the excess vinyl.

3. Proper tools, having the right tools will make your weeding job easier.

4. Start weeding from the upper to the lower. This is to avoid your arm touching the edge of the vinyl graphics after weeding, which may lead to peeling or lifting.


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