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How is vinyl truck lettering made?

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How is vinyl truck lettering made?

Vinyl truck lettering is one of the most common types of vehicle decals. Its manufacturing process is also the simplest. 


Step 1 – Raw material

truck vinyl lettering decal

After receiving customers’ designs, our graphic professionals will examine the graphic and decide the fabricating method and materials. There are usually two situations when it comes to vinyl lettering. One is letters with a single solid color, the other is letters with multi-color. For single-color vinyl truck lettering, we will cut them directly from a plotter. In this case, the color is not just on the surface of the vinyl letters but all the way through. So if this type of letter is applied to the windows, you will be able to see the same color both from inside and outside. However, for vinyl letters of multi-color, we usually print them on white vinyl films with grey back adhesive. ACME can also provide vinyl lettering decals of multi-colored back and front, every special requirement will be possible with custom graphic solutions.


Step 2 – Truck Vinyl Lettering Shape Cutting


After the design is confirmed, our graphics technicians will create a special file format that the plotter can read. Then put the vinyl material into the plotter. ACME uses computer-driven plotters that can precisely cut through a thin layer of vinyl film.


Step 3 – Weeding

truck vinyl lettering weeding

After the plotter scores the shape of the letters or decals, the excess vinyl material will be removed away. This process is called weeding and usually done by hand. Then we will get the die-cut vinyl characters on a wax liner. 


Step 4 – Masking

vinyl letters before masking vinyl lettering with masking

Since the vinyl letters are usually separated, so it will be tricky if you install them one by one. ACME will place a masking tape on top of the vinyl letters, making it easy for customers to apply multiple letters or decals at once.


Step 5 – Sorting

Vinyl lettering orders are usually in large quantities. So for the convenience of customers, we will cut apart the individual decals from the group. Then package them the unit of 50pcs or 100pcs.


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