Vinyl Graphics Vs. Paint Jobs

paint design vs vinyl graphics design
Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl Graphics Vs. Paint Jobs

Vinyl graphics vs paint jobs, which one is better? This has become a constant debate topic among vehicle enthusiasts. ACME presents to you the comparison between two techniques, which will help you decide the best option according to your needs and expectations.


paint design vs vinyl graphics design

  • Paint Job – Limited color range, simple design
  • Vinyl Graphics – Versatile options of design and color


Light Fade Resistance – Vinyl Graphics Vs Paint Jobs

vinyl graphics vs paint jobs

  • Paint Job – Easy to get fade
  • Vinyl Wraps – Fade resistance


Environmental Protection

vehicle painting vs wrapping

  • Paint Job – environmental pollution
  • Vinyl Graphics Installation – Eco-friendly ink & material



paint job remove vs vinyl wrap remove

  • Paint Job Remove – Hard to remove
  • ACME Removable Vinyl Graphics – Remove with no residue within the warranty period


Cost Compare – Vinyl Graphics Vs. Paint Jobs

The cost of a paint job can range from USD 3000 to USD 10000, while the vehicle vinyl wraps cost per vehicle is around USD 1000 to 5000. Besides, ACME offers versatile vinyl graphic options such as partial wraps and vinyl decals, which cost less but can bring an equal eye-catching effect.


Comparison of Time Spent

It usually takes 2 to 5 days to apply a vehicle vinyl wrap, according to the type of vehicle. However, a standard car paint job takes about 2 weeks. In this case, vinyl graphics have obvious advantages, especially when it comes to fleet graphics installation.



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