Van Wraps

Van Wraps

What are Van Wraps?

Van wraps refer to the self-adhesive vinyl film with graphics applied on vans. A van wrap can cover the entire vehicle or just part of the vehicle. Business logo, products, and contact information are usually showed on the vehicle wraps, which create an advertising billboard that attracts thousands of customers every week.

Because of its flexibility, large capacity, and high transportation efficiency, work vans, and commercial fleets are some of the most commonly used business vehicle types. Why not take advantage of its open advertising space to promote your business, service, or products?


Van Vinyl Wrap Characteristics

3M Vinyl, Protective Overlaminate, 3~7 Year Warranty

– ACME-made van wraps are fabricated from top-quality 3M vinyl film, which is durable, waterproof, and scratch-resistant. We can provide a 3M MCS warranty for fleet graphics.
– Vehicle wraps and graphics can demonstrate complex designs and are fully customizable in size and colors.
– Premium ink printed wrap products that are eco-friendly.
– Installation takes 1~2 days, which is significantly faster than spray painting or livery.
– Removable wrap options available for short-term application, and may even add values for reselling use.

Van Wraps Options

full van wraps-acmegraphic

Full Van Wraps

This is the most striking type of vehicle graphics and is often applied to the fleet. The quality of the vinyl wrap decals is especially important if you choose this option. Besides, it requires skilled installers to complete the applying job.
partial van wraps acme

Partial Van Wraps

ACME offers different options of partial wrap for vehicles. Don’t consider partial wraps are not as good as a full wrap, a well-designed ¾ wrap, ½ wrap or even ¼ wrapped vehicle can help you achieve unexpected marketing results.

How to Select Van Wraps?

ACME will offer graphic solutions and quotations based on three main aspects: the amount of coverage, the material, and the graphic design.

Coverage Option

Firstly confirm the coverage area of your van wraps. A full wrap covers everything from the roof of the van to the back and the sides, including doors and windows. A partial wrap is usually a large format graphic that applied on the sides and back doors of your van. If you are looking for something smaller like stickers, you may want to check van decals.


In most cases, ACEM prints vehicle wraps with 3M casting grade adhesive vinyl. But our custom graphics can also be made from reflective vinyl, perforated vinyl(for the windows), neon vinyl, etc.


ACME has over 20 years of experience in OEM graphics production. You could send us your artwork or we can do the design job for you. Our graphics professional will work with you to achieve the desired solution.


Van Wrap Cost

Many people are curious about how much does it cost to wrap a van? In general, completely wrapping a van will cost between $2,500 to $4,000(for the material). And partial wraps cost between $1,500 to $2,500  but can have just as much impact.


Van Wrap Designs and Ideas