Smart Car Wrap

Smart Car Wrap

Ultra-compact cars such as Smart Fortwo and Fiat Abarths, are some of the most popular cars for small businesses and for large corporate fleets. With the ability to easily park in crowded areas, smart car wrap offers higher returns on the investment of vehicle advertising.

custom smart-car-wrap

Besides, because of its small surface area applied, the vinyl vehicle wrap cost is lower. It is typically the first vehicle type to be considered for fleet graphics. Smart car wraps are popularly wrapped by personal trainers, florists, and other service providers for business promotion. In the meantime, they meet the huge demands from individual car owners’ personalization.


Smart Car Wrap Designs

ACME can provide vehicle wrap design service for both commercial use and personalization. Our in-house designing staff can provide several designs for you to choose, at an affordable price. And we also work with a world-famous vehicle graphic design studio that can offer you high-end designs. Besides, we can produce according to your design or smart car wrap template.


Smart Car Wrap Ideas

Vehicle Wraps Specifications

For vehicle graphics or wraps, we only choose the high-quality raw material such as 3M vinyl film, which has the features below:

  • Cast grade vinyl film (You may want to check the differences between cast and calendered vinyl)
  • Custom graphic printing with eco-friendly Latex ink
  • Pressure-activated adhesives
  • Invisible, air-release channels for bubble-free application results
  • Removable or permanent type


Custom Smart Car Wrap Options

– vinyl lettering or transfer stickers
– partial wrap
– whole wrap



Check vehicle wraps installation guidelines and videos on our website, you will be able to wrap it yourself if you have some wrapping experience before. Our 3M endorsed fleet graphics installer will be also at your service for free instruction.


Maintain and Care

Hand washing your car with soapy water, once a week is enough. And you shall never use any rough cleaning methods such as brushes, abrasive tools, or hard scrubbing. If you want to extend the lifespan of your car wrap, this article “Vehicle Decals Care And Maintenance” will help you.



1. Q: How much does it cost to wrap a smart car?
A: The total cost needs to be calculated according to your car’s size, the total area of vinyl used, the raw material, and the graphic design you choose. Please contact us ( with detailed info. and we will send you the quotation within 24 hours.

2. Q: How long will the vinyl wrap last?
A: ACME vehicle wrap products provide a 3~5 years warranty based on different materials and application environments. For example, if your smart car will be exposed to extremes in temperature, the panels most exposed to the sun will need to replace sooner than the other panels. Welcome to contact us for more detailed info.

3. Q: Can vinyl wrap cover damage?
A: Vinyl car wrap can cover faded paint so long as there aren’t large paint chips. But if your smart car has badly damaged paint, we don’t suggest you wrap it. Because the vinyl may not adhere very well and there is a risk of further damage when your wrap is removed.

4. Q: Will a vinyl wrap prevent damage?
A: Yes, it will. Vinyl wraps have features like UV resistance, waterproof, anti-scratch. If your smart car gets a scratch, the vinyl wrap will get scratched instead of your paint job which is much more difficult to repair.

5. Q: Can You Wrap Your Smart Car Yourself?
A: There are many car wrap installation videos on the internet, if you have some wrapping experience, it’s easy for you to wrap a smart car with the help of videos and our installation guidelines. But if you don’t have any vinyl wrapping experience, we suggest you leave the job to the professionals.