Car Wrap

Car Wrap

Car Wrap and Graphics Fabricated from Top Quality Vinyl Material and Ink

Car wrap fabricated by ACME Graphic includes versatile options. We use HP Latex printer and Emerson printer to manufacture high-resolution graphics that are durable and highly customizable. We only use premium grade vinyl films for car and fleet graphics, which are scratch-resistant, waterproof, and can stand up to high speeds.


Car Wrap Options


Full Vehicle Wrap – The vinyl wrap covers the entire vehicle, which is the most eye-catching graphic solution for vehicles or fleets.

Partial Vehicle Wrap – Cost-effective but less expensive option for a good promotional result.

Perforated Car Window Wrap – Offer one-way vision effect to the vehicle windows, promote your company while providing a sunlight-resistant function.

Car Wrap that Change Color – Wrap the entire car with a solid colored vinyl film, it can protect your car’s original paint and exterior.

Car Wrap Ideas


All ACME car wrap material is made from 3M casting grade vinyl, in different styles such as gloss and matte. Carbon fiber wrap material is also available. The thickness of vehicle vinyl wrap is 4mil, mass 0.04kg per square foot.

NOTE: All vehicle wraps are only suitable for application to factory-finished paint. They are not intended for aftermarket-finished paint.


ACME Car Wraps Structure & Features

vinyl film structure - acme

3M™ Controltac™ Graphic Film or pressure-sensitive adhesive – There are invisible micro glass beads on the surface of the vinyl adhesive, which provides a low initial adhesion for quick repositioning.

Comply™ technology or air-release channels adhesive – As per the above picture, the microchannels among the adhesive can help to release the trapped air so that there won’t be bubbles after application.


What can Car Wraps Do for you?

Fully Customizable – No matter you want to simply change the color of your car, or apply some complex and unique graphics on the vehicles, ACME can get you covered! Our premium-grade ink and advanced printer can make your ideas come to reality. Printed car graphics and decals can demonstrate some special texture effects such as carbon fiber or brushed effects, while painting or livery can not.

Removable – Car wrap can be removed more easily from the vehicle surface without damaging the original livery. Check how to remove car wraps

Protective – We offer special car wraps that applied on the vehicle surface as a protective film over the original painting. The vinyl wrap will protect the paint job from sun, rain, rust, or scratches.

Affordable – Considering the installation time, environment protection, and resale value, car wraps and graphics have become more and more popular than painting. With an average of 5~8 years lifespan, vinyl vehicle wraps are a worthy investment.


Car Wraps Designs

ACME has in-house design staff with no or low design charges, and we also cooperate with worldwide famous vehicle wraps design studios. Before designing, we will first learn about your business, evaluating your branding and current graphics. Then we will work out a custom solution based on your requirements and application.


From Hood to Bumper, we can get your car wrapped!

Whether you’ve been thinking of a full wrap or just want to wrap your hood, trunk, fenders, or bumpers, we’ve got the right vinyl wrap for you. We fabricate with 3M™ car wrap that specially designed for factory paint finish, contact us today for a FREE quotation!



Q: How do I remove a car wrap or decal?

A: Use a heat gun(or hairdryer) to heat up the wrap to the recommended temperature and slowly pull it free from your car with both hands.


Q: How does the car wrap cost?

A: ACME will offer quotations based on different materials, fabricating methods, and anticipated durability. It’s hard to give one universal price, but the estimated budgeting is $5-$10 per square foot for premium grade vehicle wraps. However, a complex design or custom design can add cost.

Why not contact us today for a FREE quotation?


Q: How long does a car wrap last?

A: Vehicle wraps usually last 3~7 years. It depends on the material, manufacturing method, and vehicle driving conditions. ACME will work with you to determine durability expectations.