Camo Car Wrap

Camo Car Wrap

What Is A Camo Car Wrap?

Camo wrap, or camouflage car wrap, refers to vinyl wrap with camo graphics. Camo car wrap becomes more and more popular recently due to its variety of patterns and plenty of room for DIY enthusiasts.

However, there is another type of camo car wrap, which is often applied to the new car. This is to prevent keen eyes from seeing a new model ahead of time. Because new cars regularly contain new design elements, and camo helps to obscure those parts.


Features of Vinyl Camo Wraps

Various design patterns as well as colors. – Military camouflage, digital camo car wrap, or geometric camo, there is plenty of room for users to choose. And for each pattern, multiple colors are available. Besides, different surface treatments such as glossy or matte can be done to meet different requirements.

Seamless application due to the delicately designed pattern. – One great part of the camouflage vehicle wrap is that they could be installed in stripes or small pieces, cause the edge of the design could be spliced seamlessly. Unlike vinyl car wrap with a large format, the application of camo car wrap is much easier.


Camo Wrap Design Ideas


ACME Camouflage Car Wrap Products

grass blades camo car wraps
Grass Blades Camo Vinyl Kit
camouflage tape roll
Camouflage Vinyl Wrap

ACME Camouflage Car Wrap Vinyl Features

camo wrap vinyl detail

– Premium vinyl material (3-7 years warranty options).
– Advanced HP Latex digital printing technology, great weather-resistant.
– Glossy or matte overlaminate offers additional protection.
– Pressure-sensitive and bubble-free installation.
– Conformable for extreme curves.
– Removable within warranty without leaving residue.
– Custom design and size.



Q: How much does a camo wrap cost?

A: Camouflage car wrap cost depends on the material, and processing technique the customer preferred.


Q: Where can I use a camouflage vinyl wrap?

A: camo patterned wraps are ideal for cars, trucks, SUVs, cameras, or boats when hunting, fishing, camping, and anything else.


Q: How to install camo wrap?

A: Check our installation guidelines.