Box Truck Wrap

Box Truck Wrap

Many businesses rely on box trucks for product delivery and customer service. You’re missing out on the biggest branding opportunity in your market if you have a commercial truck with no branding on it. Many business owners are unaware that vinyl wrap graphics have a high retention rate and are more targeted than they think. Vinyl wraps are frequently referred to as portable billboards. Installing vinyl wraps on your trucks helps you to not only enhance the appearance of your vehicle but also to catch the attention of thousands of potential customers at a reasonable cost!

Box Truck Wrap Design

Before wrapping a box truck, it’s important to have a great vinyl wrap design. When creating your design, there are two main considerations: make it appealing to the eye and readable. You will not be able to maximize your return on investment until these two critical conditions are met.
You will be asked several questions during your consultation with our design team. These questions will assist us in determining the value of each piece of data you supply for your truck’s wrap. The most valuable business information will be the first thing customers see or read on the box truck wrap.
The idea is to draw the customer’s attention to each piece of company information in a specified order or path. If you wish to lead customers to your website, for example. We will place the most importance on your website and ensure that customers notice it first on your box truck wrap before any other content.
We can print full wraps, partial wraps, or spot graphics for any length of truck boxes. It is one of the most high-quality and cost-effective ways to present your brands or deliver a message to the public. Please contact us for a custom size quote or more information.

custom truck wrap ideaswrap for box truck

Common Box Truck Design Errors

1. Overuse of Photography
When it comes to wrapping design, a wall of photos is often not a good idea. It is recommended to pick a single photo, or possibly two photos. Three or more photos on a box truck wrap are overwhelming, making it extremely difficult to read the important contact information.

2. Overuse of Colors
An effective box truck wrap design should minimize the number of colors used in the design. Try and stick with your brand colors as much as possible.

3. Phone Number vs. Website URL
Your website should, in general, be more visible than your phone number because it is easier to remember. Letters and words are easier for the brain to recall than 10-digit figures.

4. Too Much Text
Keep the text short and refined, a few bullet points are totally acceptable on box truck graphics. If you absolutely must have a lot of information on your box truck wrap the best place to put it is on the back roll-up door or swing doors. When the box truck is stopped at a red light in traffic the vehicles behind them are forced to read.

Box Truck Wrap Template

box truck wrap templatebox truck graphics design
Usually, box truck wrap includes three sides, driver side, passenger side, and rear door side. The length, width, and height sizes info as marked in the above picture will be necessary for calculating the cost.
During the design stage, our graphic designers will put the design elements on the box truck template to help customers get a more intuitive effect.

Digital Printing

vehicle graphics digital printing

ACME Graphic has over 20 years of car wrapping and printing experience and can produce high-quality digital prints. Ink saturation, ink gassing, dot patterns, color gamut, lamination, UV protection, humidity levels, and cleanliness are all factors that contribute to or affect the quality of your digital prints.

Box Truck Wrap Cost

A mobile billboard costs less than $1 per day!
For a small to the mid-size box truck, the average cost of a wrap ACME made is around $500-$2000. If a wrap costs $2000 and lasts 7 years, a mobile billboard costs only $0.8 each day. A well-designed truck wrap can generate tens of thousands of daily views and provide a speedy return on investment. You will immediately feel confident in your decision to invest in a box truck wrap when compared to other forms of promotion.


How to wrap a box truck?

food truck wrap installfood truck wrap applyfood truck wrap application
– Completely clean the vehicle and make it free from dirt or dust. Removing any trim, bumpers, headlights, taillights, or door handles in advance will make this process easier.
– Carefully and meticulously measure your vehicle to ensure a seamless fit for your new wrap.
– Lay the vinyl out onto the specified panel of the vehicle and squeegee.

How long is the lifespan of a box truck vinyl wrap?

Wraps last as long as the material they are printed on and laminated with. Premium cast materials such as 3M vinyl will last for 5-7 years. While we also have economic options for a short-term application like 3-4 years.

Box Truck Wrap Removal

Most vinyl wraps can be removed within their lifespan. Older box truck wraps can be removed as well, but the process may take longer because there will generally be the leftover adhesive that needs to be cleaned off of the truck body. When using a high-quality cast vinyl film, removal is usually a simple and straightforward process. Check how to remove old vinyl decals.