Vehicle Wrap Film wrinkle fixing instructions

vehicle wrap film wrinkles
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Vehicle Wrap Film wrinkle fixing instructions

Last week we had a case study about a customer looking to fix his vehicle wrap film. He has a large piece of vehicle wrap film on the side that extends from top to bottom and covers both doors. And near the gap, there are wrinkles. After the case study was posted, many clients came to us for instructions. So, today, we’ll go through how to deal with wrinkles and how to squeegee them back down to make them smooth and flat.

vehicle wrap film wrinkles

Step 1: making a cut through the gap

Instead of picking up the entire panel to straighten the wrinkles, we recommend cutting it into two sections by going through the gap between two doors. This will save you a lot of hassle and make it simpler to pick the vehicle wrap film back up. So here is the first guideline: When you can divide the panel, do not attempt to fix it as a whole.

Step 2: lift the vehicle wrap film up

Please pick up the vehicle wrap film from the bottom once it has been split into two different pieces. Pull evenly from the bottom to the top as you lift the material. To trigger the memory of the film so that the wrinkles can go away.
Tip: Keep in mind that this shouldn’t be stretched. Otherwise, you risk overstretching it.

Step 3: Heat the vehicle wrap film

Vehicle wrap films have the ability to repair themselves. This is where we want to end up. But the tension would become noticeable when you held up the material. After that, you ought to relax the material by giving it a little heat. Hold off until the film has cooled. The panel will then become smooth again, and the minor wrinkles will have disappeared due to the self-healing abilities.

Step 4: Squeegee it down

Squeegee the vehicle and wrap the film down with your right hand, while your free hand creates glass. And remember always squeegee at a 45-degree angle. Also, do not use too much of your squeegee, just a quarter-inch will be fine. Or there would be tension. When necessary, apply a little more heat, let it cool, then repeat the process until the material is smooth.

Have a wrinkles problem? By following these steps, you should then be able to manage wrinkles easily.

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