Vehicle Graphics On A Budget: 10 Tips for Saving Your Money

vehicle wraps wrap amount
Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Graphics On A Budget: 10 Tips for Saving Your Money

More and more business owners aware that vehicle graphics and wraps can vastly improve the brand promotion of their companies. However, some people may consider vehicle wrap is not an affordable option. Don’t worry, there are many tips for saving your money regarding vehicle graphics on a budget.

But first, we need to declare that the tips on how to save money on vehicle graphics are legitimate methods without sacrificing quality. Lowering quality can reduce cost, but this usually leads to problems and even more cost in the future. So don’t cut corners. We’re talking about solutions that help you reduce your cost on vehicle graphics while keeping the high-performance quality.


1. Partial Wrap – Cost-effective Option

vehicle wraps wrap amount

Generally, a full car wrap can draw most people’s attention, and has the best graphic representation. However, despite how effective they are, full wraps do not always fit in every business’s budget. Partial wraps are a fantastic way to incorporate graphics and the original color of vehicles. And there are many options for you to choose from. For example, a van could have 3/4, 1/2, or 1/4 partial wrap.


2. Vinyl Lettering – Less is More

Cut vinyl lettering and logos are usually budget-friendly because of the simpler production process and smaller size. They are widely used for company names, phone numbers, website addresses, and slogans. Many people may consider lettering is boring, actually, a well-designed vinyl lettering graphic may have incredible effects.

vinyl lettering vehicle graphics on a bedget

This vinyl lettering solution demonstrates a three-dimensional effect.

vinyl lettering save vehicle graphics cost
This is a reflective vinyl lettering that is recognizable even at night.

3. Spot Graphics – Versatile Options and Easy Installation

Decals or spot graphics are printed and die cut. These full-color vehicle graphics are great for doors, hoods, bumpers, and windows. There are versatile options for decals, including opaque decals, clear decals, perforated decals, etc.
vehicle graphics and decals
One decal sometimes is made with different materials and printing methods to show special effects.

coach bus decals

Spot graphics can be combined with cut vinyl lettering to give a polished look.

4. Select Optimum Color for Your Vehicle

Usually, vehicles with white color will have more options on graphic design. A few decals would have accomplished a good result at a lot less money. But if your vehicle is not white, you could also select the matched color.

vehicle graphics color selection

For example, if your vehicle is blue, you can select yellow as the main color for partial wraps or graphics. The use of contrasting colors will have an eye-catching effect and at the same time be very coordinated. If you don’t know how to match the colors, don’t worry, just contact us and our designers will do the job for you.

5. Right Material – Choose the Right One, Not the Expensive One

There are many types and grades of adhesive vinyl material. Some are made for long-term use and some are for short-term applications. So before the quotation, professional graphic providers will always ask you about the applications and expected service life of graphics or decals.

For example, if the decals are applied on a flat surface, then common vinyl material will be enough, no need to apply casting grade vinyl, which is more expenive. Besides, if the decals are for short-term use, then you must select stickers with removable adhesive, which can be peeled off easily without damaging your car. If the vehicle graphics are for a long-term application, then a good quality material(average lifespan 3~7 years) can reduce your cost when it comes to daily cost.

6. A Good Design is Half the Battle

The custom vehicle wrap design is expensive, if you could provide the artwork yourself, that will save you a lot of money.
There are many vehicle graphics and decals examples on the website, and we could download a design idea at a very low cost from some design websites.
ACME has in-house staff designers, so we could do custom designs at a lower cost than the designing company. Just send us your requirements and we’ll do the rest job.

From an organization with one car to a larger company with a fleet of trucks or vans, there are options for every budget. ACME has 20 years of experience in custom vehicle graphics production, we are good at offering customized solutions within your budget while not affecting product quality.

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