Truck Decals

Truck Decals

Are truck decals, stickers, and clings the same thing?

Stickers are usually small in size and applied to smaller products such as laptops, suitcases, water bottles, etc. Decals are usually larger and applied to things such as vehicles, walls, windows, and floors. Both stickers and decals are self-adhesive. However, a cling is a type of sign that adheres to a surface using static electricity rather than an adhesive backing. Generally, static clings are suited for interior options while decals are suited for vehicles such as trucks.


Types of truck decals

truck vinyl lettering decal

Vinyl lettering for trucks is usually made from solid-colored vinyl film and does not include any printed graphics.

opaque vehicle decals

The opaque vehicle decals are printed on an opaque material that can cover the original color of your vehicle. ACME offers two types of opaque decals, one type is suited for the curved areas, while the other one is suited for flat areas. They have different lifespans and features, please contact us so we can send you a customized solution based on your applications.

clear vinyl decals for truck

The clear decals are printed onto clear vinyl material and usually used on windows.

perforated decals

Perforated decals with a 50:50 ratio of solid material and perforated holes can provide a solution for full-sized graphics without affecting the visibility of a driver. They are widely applied as rear window decals.


Not all decals are of the same quality

Material -We use 4mil casting grade vinyl material to fabricate truck wraps, and 8mil vinyl film to process truck graphics or decals.

Long-lasting durability -UV Resistant and Waterproof

Easy to install – With air-release channels and press-activated back adhesive, our truck decals are easy to install even you are not a professional.

Safe and removable – We use top-of-the-line vinyl material with latex ink that is eco-friendly. truck decals or vinyl lettering can be removed with proper tools without damaging your automotive paint.

Versatile styles – No matter it’s a logo, lettering, or large format graphic decal, we can find the right solution for you.


Which part of your truck can be applied with decals?

Full-length stripes

Hood decal

Door pillar accent decals

Tailgate panel decal

Side graphics

Fender flag

Perforated Rear window decal


Gallery of truck stickers and decals


Q: How much do custom truck decals cost?
A: Truck decals can cost from $10 to $50 per set depending on the size and production method.  Under normal circumstances, computer-cut vinyl stickers are the most economical for simple graphics. But if you have higher requirements on the graphics and colors, digitally printed decals can provide you with more choices.


Q: How long do vinyl decals & stickers last?

A: ACME premium vinyl truck graphics and decals can last up to seven years before they will begin fading in color, cracking, and peeling.


Q: Will the decals fall off when I’m driving, in bad weather, or in the car wash?

A: ACME vinyl decals will not fall nor fly off the car when driving in normal nor inclement weather. The premise is decals are placed on flat areas of your car with the correct installation method. No matter what kind of decal it is, you should not use a pressure washer or a mechanical car wash. The water pressure and large brushes will cause decals to fall off or damage them.


Q: How to remove the decals from my truck?
A: Heating up the decal with a heat gun or hairdryer will allow for easier removal. Simply peel them away from your car and use a wet cloth and soapy water to remove any residual adhesive material.