SUV Decals

SUV Decals

SUV Decals, Stickers, and Wraps

When it comes to vehicle decals, do you know what’s the difference between SUV decals, stickers, and wraps? They could be distinguished by the size. Stickers usually refer to small size adhesive vinyl products, such as a logo, or a “Baby on Board” sign. Decals refer to larger size vinyl graphics that applied on the side of the car or the rear window. Vehicle wraps refer to full coverage of the entire external area of the SUV, except the windows, hardware, and lights.


SUV Decals Options

ACME graphic is good at custom vehicle decals. We fabricate vinyl decals with eco-friendly Latex ink and durable 3M material. Besides, the decals will be covered with a protective overlaminate to extend the durability. The final graphic products are covered by a 3M MCS warranty. No job is too big or too small for us, no matter it’s an SUV strip or large format graphics for the car side, our graphics professionals are at your service.


SUV Graphics Design & Ideas


Q: Are decals bad for SUV car paint?
A: No. The decals won’t affect the chemistry of the car paint or damage it unless the paint quality of the vehicle is incredibly low. Conversely, vinyl decals add a protective layer to the paint. What should be noticed is that if a decal is removed several years later, the other paint on the vehicle may have faded somewhat, but the paint under the decals will be less faded.


Q: Are car decals and stickers permanent?
A: ACME offers permanent SUV decals as well as removable ones. It all depends on your requirements.


Q: Are vinyl SUV car decals waterproof?
A: Yes. We use top-quality vinyl material that has excellent resistance to water(does not include immersion). Besides, the decals are anti-scratch and can stand up to high speeds. If you have any special requirements, please contact us for a consultation, and it is FREE!