Motorcycle Decals

Motorcycle Decals

The clear laminate makes our decals durable and easy to maintain. You can wax them, spill gas on them, and have years of riding mileage. Easy to change out to a new design and our graphics won’t harm your paint. We use only top-quality 3M Brand Automotive Vinyl products to create the best motorcycle graphic images available. Graphics mil thickness = 4mil. ​


Our Work

motorcycle decalsdayang motorcycle decals

We produce OEM decals for Dayang, which ranks within the top ten in the Chinese motorcycle industry. Their vehicles are widely used by the public security and transportation departments.


Motorcycle Vinyl Decals

The popular design elements for motorcycle decal stickers like flames, lightning, skulls, wolves, horses, dragons, and tribal designs can all be fabricated based on your requirements. They are usually universal fit for all motorbike brands such as Harley, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, etc.


How do you put vinyl stickers on a motorcycle?


Clean the surface

If there is an old decal on the motorcycle, you need to remove it first. A heat gun or a heat dryer can help you peel off the old graphics easily. Clean the surface with a cloth and soap water. Sometimes in order to completely clean the oil or grease, you will need to use isopropyl alcohol (70% industrial alcohol: 30% water) to clean the surface again until no residue remains. Make sure the substrate is completely dry before applying the decals.

Tips: After receiving your motorcycle decal kits, they will either be flat packed or rolled into a tube. It is highly suggested that you put the decals unroll naturally in a clean flat surface area that’s room temperature( 10℃~30℃) for 12/24 hours before installation.


Install the motorcycle decals and stickers

The traditional installation method for decals and graphics is a wet method, but ACME-made graphics can be easily applied directly onto your motorbike only with a squeegee. Because we use premium vinyl material with air-release channels on the back adhesive, which contributes to a bubble-free result.

You just need to peel off the backing paper from the sticker, being careful not to touch the adhesive or get it dusty or dirty. Apply it to the correct position, use a squeegee to apply firm pressure in wide, even strokes, from the center to the edge. When you are satisfied with the decal installation you can apply gentle heat over the decal with a hairdryer to help the decals conform to the shape of the plastics parts of your motorcycle.

Even you are not an expert, our installation guidelines and videos will help you make for an easy, fast, and money-saving application.

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