Jeep Stickers

Jeep Stickers

Custom Vinyl Decals & Stickers – 3M Vinyl, 3~7 Years Warranty

ACME specialized in custom jeep stickers and vehicle wraps that give your vehicles a unique and custom look. No matter it’s a Wrangler or Cherokee, no matter what the size or design is, we can help to make your jeep stand out from the rest.

Vehicle decals and graphics are usually exposed most of the time in outdoor locations. They will be subjected to the damaging UV rays in sunlight, rain, and occasional fuel spills. Therefore the stickers need to be weather resistant and durable. ACME will add a layer of film lamination on the decals to increase its lifespan and ability to resist scratch, water, and sunlight.


Jeep Stickers and Decals Options

Jeep Decals for Hood

Jeep Decals for Hood – Decals with larger sizes are some of the most common types of stickers applied to the jeep hood. The design, size, and durability are highly customizable.

Jeep Side Decals

Jeep Side Decals – Including complex design graphics, solid-colored vinyl lettering, or side stripes. We can produce according to your design, or just send us your idea, we will do the design job.

Jeep Fender Graphics

Jeep Fender Graphics – National flag stickers and vinyl letters are often applied on the jeep fender. It could be an independent sticker or a part of the side decals.

Jeep Window Stickers

Window Stickers – Clear vinyl stickers or precut solid colored opaque vinyl decals that applied on the jeep rear window or hardtop window.


Bumper Stickers for Jeep 4X4 OFF ROAD

Bumper Stickers for Jeep – For the area with curves or rivets, we use durable 3M casting grade vinyl material to fabricate jeep decals. They have a lower shrinkage rate and last longer than common vinyl.


Popular Jeep Stickers Ideas


Q: How long will my vehicle stickers last?
A: With proper installation method and care, vehicle stickers can last for about 3~7 years.

Q: How to remove my old stickers?
A: You can easily remove ACME-made stickers with a hairdryer or heat gun. Just heat the decal and the surface at a temperature of about 60℃. Then pull from a corner, and gently pull the decal off, using extra heat if needed. Use a cloth and some soapy water if there is a residue of adhesive.

Q: Can I put a decal on a new paint job?
A: No, you’ll want to wait for the paint curing process to finish. This is also the case if you’ve added a new clear coat or wax to your car. The recommended wait time is 90 days for a new coat of paint, 60 days for a clear coat, and 2 days for wax.