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Transfer Stickers for Car

A transfer sticker is directly cut from colored vinyl material to a graphic or lettering, and then removing the excess part. Usually, the transfer stickers are with a single color, which is the original color of the vinyl sheet. However, we could offer multi-color transfer stickers too. Please contact us for a custom transfer sticker solution. We will apply a transfer tape over the top of the stickers, which makes it more convenient for you to apply the graphics.

Clear Stickers for Car

A clear sticker is created by printing graphics on clear vinyl material. In this case, you could have more choices on the graphic design. ACME clear car stickers are printed on top of white ink, so your design will still be nice and vibrant, no matter what color of the background is.

Front Adhesive Stickers for Car Window

A front adhesive sticker is usually applied on the inside of a window, which is weatherproof and has a longer lifespan than that applied outside. The window could also protect the stickers from abrasion or dust. The most common use for front adhesive stickers is to apply for the phone number on the inside of your windshield.

Die Cut Stickers for Car

ACME produces die-cut stickers by printing graphics on a white vinyl material, then using a plotter to cut along a general shape of the graphic. This type of car sticker may have a white border that adds visibility and color contrast to the sign.

Reflective Stickers for Car

ACME reflective stickers are fabricated from 3M durable vinyl material which keeps excellent retroreflective performance even under severe weather conditions. Custom reflective graphics and stickers will help to personalize your car while providing a safer drive at night.

Glow In The Dark Stickers for Car

glow in the dark stickers for car

If you consider stickers above are too common, then you must check this unique one – glow-in-the-dark stickers. This type of car decal sticker emits a bright greenish glow in darkness after it has been exposed to natural or artificial light for a period of time.


How Do We Produce Car Stickers?


Solution – No matter it’s an opaque sticker, clear sticker, or vinyl lettering, we will offer you custom solutions based on your requirements and will do our best to make the cost within your budget.

Material – we use premium 3M vinyl materials, with air release channels and pressure-activated adhesive for easy sliding and tacking. The material is weatherproof, scratch-resistant, and stands up to high speeds.

Printing – we print with top quality and eco-friendly inks with advanced printer HP & Epson.

Warranty – We provide a 3M MCS Warranty from 1 year to 7 years based on different graphic solutions.


How to Select Car Stickers?

Size & Types- Firstly, please determine the size and types of stickers you need. If you are not sure, please let us know where are you going to use the stickers, our professionals will suggest accordingly.

Design – Send us your artwork or picture of the stickers, ACME also provides design service.

Adhesive – Is this sticker for temporary use or a long-term application? We offer different options with different costs to meet various needs.


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Applying a Car Sticker

Transfer stickers or vinyl lettering

Lift the sticker and peel the liner backing off of the adhesive. Then while holding the transfer tape, line your transfer sticker with the material underneath and place it on the surface. Use a squeegee to apply the graphic from the middle to the edges until the sticker lies flat.

Opaque and clear car stickers

Peel off the backing paper from the sticker, being careful not to touch the adhesive or get it dusty or dirty. Apply it to the correct position, use a squeegee to apply firm pressure in wide, even strokes, from the center to the edge.

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Q: How long will my car stickers last?
A: With proper installation method and care, vehicle stickers can be used for about 3~7 years, depending on the material and fabricating method.


Q: How to remove my old stickers?
A: You can easily remove ACME-made stickers with a hairdryer. Just heat the decal and the surface, pull from a corner, and gently pull the decal off, using extra heat if needed. Use a cloth and some soapy water if there is a residue of adhesive.


Q: Can I put a decal on a new paint job?
A: No, you’ll want to wait for the paint curing process to finish. The recommended wait time is 7~10 days for a new coat of paint.


Q: Can I apply a car sticker on a newly waxed car?
A: No, we do not suggest you install any stickers or decals after the vehicle is waxed. Before installation, the vehicles shall be thoroughly cleaned.


Q: Can I wax my car after applying decals?
A: Since the edge of the decals may have a risk of being peeled off during the polishing process. Therefore, it is not recommended to wax your car after installing the decals.