Bus Decals

Bus Decals

Bus decals and graphics are some of the most effective ways to boost impressions since they are always in the area of high population density. ACME has been providing decals for vehicles for over 20 years. Over 40% of Chinese commercial coach buses are using our bus body graphics.

Bus Decals and Stickers Options

From solid color lettering to complex decals, our graphics professionals will offer you a satisfying solution. To achieve the best representation result of graphics, ACME only uses top quality 3M material and ink, fabricated with the advanced printer such as HP and Epson.

bus letteringbus lettering with masking paper

Bus lettering – This type refers to vinyl letters that are directly cut from vinyl material with a plotter. In most cases, we provide pre-spaced lettering with masking paper for easy and professional-looking applications.

Printed vinyl decals – We print the graphics with top quality and eco-friendly inks on durable adhesive vinyl material. Shape die-cut decals or exact die-cut decals are both available. In order to extend the durability of the bus decal, we will add an overlaminate to the graphic.

Window decals for the bus – For some special positions of the vehicle such as windows, we will use perforated vinyl film to represent the graphic while not affecting people’s vision. Bus wraps including window graphics usually have the most eye-catching effect and can greatly increase the awareness of your business brand.

Reflective tape – This type of signage is widely applied on the school bus. They have excellent retroreflective performance even under severe weather conditions.


Our Works

trolleybus graphics ACME

Trolleybus decals (the red line graphic on the vehicle side) – The challenge of this project is that our client requires only the decal for the bus window, and they will use livery for the rest part. So during fabricating, we need to precisely control the dimension and color of the decal to make it looks consistent with the whole trolleybus.

coachbus graphics ACME

Coach bus decals (the complex line graphics on the car body) – This is a custom bus decal with a unique design. The graphic design is full of complex lines, which has a strong sense of three-dimensionality. However, the installation will be tricky if fabricated with common printing methods. So we suggest printing with clear material to make the installation easier without affecting the graphic effect.


Bus Decal Design

School bus decalscoach bus decals


How to Select Decals & Stickers for Buses?

  1. Confirm the size and design of your decals.
  2. Determine the vinyl material you prefer, or you could just inform us of the expected lifespan of the decal, and we will suggest accordingly.
  3. Select style of the decals. Clear stickers or opaque stickers, exact die-cut or shape die-cut.
  4. Confirm adhesive options, removable or permanent adhesive is available.

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