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Vehicle Decals Custom – ACME Customized Graphics and Signage Supply

For consumers, shopping is no longer just buying goods, but showing individuality. Personalized packaging and customized products allow consumers to connect with the brand and enjoy unique products and experiences. From clothes, gifts, and cars, more and more people begin to pursue personalization, and they are willing to pay for some extra cost. Vehicle decals custom type is very popular in recent years.

ACME Graphic is good at custom vinyl decals. check our recent work:

vehicle decals custom truck decals angles morts truck signage trailer warning decals

This is a custom graphic made for trucks, which will be applied to the door panel. The average lifespan of this warning decal is around 5 years.


equipment signs and labels

These equipment signs and labels can be applied to the interior and exterior of machinery equipment. They are usually installed on flat surfaces.

ACME can also produce custom construction signages in various graphic solutions.


floor decals

This warning sign is usually applied on the floor of the passenger door on the bus. It’s a die-cut opaque vinyl sticker with an anti-skid overlaminate.


Vehicle Decals Custom Options

  • Material – premium grade or common type material, we will help you select the most suitable type for your application.
  • Style – opaque, clear, one-way-vision, reflective, and glow-in-dark decals are available.
  • Lifespan – we offer graphic solutions for both long-term and short-term applications.
  • Design – we can design custom vehicle graphics based on your requirements, with reasonable designing costs.


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