Vehicle Decals Care And Maintenance

vehicle decals care and maitenance
Vehicle Decals

Vehicle Decals Care And Maintenance

Good quality vinyl vehicle decals usually can last 3 to 7 years. However, if you want to keep them looking just as impressive as they were on the first day you put them up, there are some general rules you should follow regarding vehicle decals care and maintenance.


Tips for Vehicle Decals Care and Maintenance


Caring Before Applying Vehicle Decals

Before installation of vinyl decals, it’s important to make sure that you adequately clean the surface you are placing your graphics. If the surface isn’t clean, the decal won’t be stick to the surface completely. Additionally, any dirt left behind can cause the decal to have spots or bumps, which will affect the effect of your decals.

Check our vinyl decals installation guidelines to make sure you clean the surface and install the decals properly.


Maintenance After Installing Decals

vehicle decals care and maitenance

Clean the vehicle in the correct way
Softly rinse the vehicle off, paying particular attention to the areas where you have decals and graphics. We suggest you use a hose that has a nozzle spray attachment to rinse the car off. Be careful not to spray directly at the edge of the decals. This step will remove the dirt, debris, and dust that have built up on your car.

Then use a soft sponge or cloth to wash the areas of the car containing decals with soapy water. You can mix non-abrasive detergent with clean water. The detergent for the dishes or laundry will be workable. However, the detergent shall not have any alcohol or other harsh ingredients that could damage the vehicle.

Rinse the car off again until the detergent has been removed from the vehicle. Then use a soft microfiber cloth to gently dry off the decal.


How to Clean Vehicle Window Decals

To clean a window decal, please remember to HAND WASH only. Using tools like a squeegee or power washer can damage the graphics or lift them off of the surface. Basic soap mixtures are ideal detergents for washing window decals. Besides, clean the vinyl decals softly, don’t rub the decals too hard, as this can cause them to peel.


Restoring Vehicle Vinyl Decals

No matter how durable the vinyl material is, it’s natural for the dyes to begin to deteriorate and break down over time. And unavoidable, vinyl will break down and become dry due to sun-light exposure and inclement weather. This occurs as the oils that go into the vinyl either volatilize or seep out of the plastic. Along with the oils vaporizing, the dyes will also break down at different times and rates.

When a vinyl decal is aging, it may undergo oxidation that generates a white residue that appears chalk-like. This residue can obscure the color of your decal and make your image look bleached. Therefore you’ll want to know how to clean them and restore their color.

To restore your vinyl decals and bring back color, you’ll need a vinyl restorative product. Below are the detailed instructions.

Step 1

Use a lint-free cloth and soapy water to clean off the dirt on the decal. If there is mold or mildew on the vinyl graphic, use a sodium percarbonate cleaner to remove the substances. Don’t use a scrubbing pad or rub too hard, as this can damage your decals.

Step 2

Once you’ve removed any dirt and mold, rinse the decals off with water then give them time to air dry.

Step 3

Clean the areas again with isopropyl alcohol (70% industrial alcohol: 30% water) and wipe dry to ensure an absolutely clean surface.

Step 4

Apply a vinyl restoring product with a cloth, brush, or spray apparatus — in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions for application.


Restore Vinyl Decals With Buffing

polilshing to restoring vinyl decal

This method is only workable for glossy finish vinyl decals. First, cover the area next to the old decal to prevent it from being polished. Then apply some non-aggressive polish and gently polish the vinyl surface. Do KEEP THE TOOL MOVING cause staying in one spot will cause heat, which is the worst enemy of vinyl. You may need to do a couple of paths until the vinyl decals surface becomes glossy again.restore vehicle vinyl decals


More Questions Regarding Vehicle Decals Care And Maintenance?

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