Truck Wraps Do’s and Don’ts

truck wraps do's and don'ts
Vehicle Wraps

Truck Wraps Do’s and Don’ts

Vehicle wraps are one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising. According to the google trend in the past 5 years, we can tell that people are more interested in truck wraps. This may be related to the popularity of trucks, whether for commercial or home use.
vehicle wraps trend

However, just as with any other adverting and marketing method, there are tips to follow and pitfalls to avoid. To ensure that your truck wrap investment is strategic and profitable – rather than a waste of money! Below is the truck wrap do’s and don’ts for your reference:


Truck Wrap Do’s:

Do Use a Qualified Vinyl Wrap For Vehicle

Casting grade vinyl is usually applied to the vehicle instead of calendered vinyl. Although premium cast wrap vinyl is more expensive than common vinyl, you will achieve a much more durable graphic. When it comes to a vehicle wrap, cast wrap vinyl is the correct choice because it could be easily contoured to the curves of a vehicle. Check the differences between cast and calendered vinyl.

Do Measure Before Purchasing

To get a perfect result of truck wraps, you will want to physically measure and take photos of the vehicle. Photograph the vehicle from all sides and take key measurements of the sides, hood, rear, roof, and bumpers. Shoot direct shots (never take photographs at an angle) and pay close attention to body breaks, extreme curves, rivets, door handles, and other protruding parts. Check how to take reference photos for vehicle graphics.

Do Plan Before Design

Always keep in mind that understanding customers’ requirements is the first step in design. Vehicle graphic suppliers like us should spend time talking with clients about the design style they like, their brand expectations of color, message, and composition. This will help us improve working efficiency and avoid modifying back and forth to disappoint customers.

Do Include Simple and Important Information

truck wraps do's and don'ts

Choose clear pictures or fonts that are easy to read at a distance. Do include your contact information, you can use a unique phone number or web address to keep track of the ROI from your car wraps.

Do Make Sure the Truck Wraps Look Good in All Configurations

A well-designed car wrap prepares for how your branding message reads when the doors are open or closed. Be careful to explore all options of what your design will look like with the doors, windows, and trunk open, so you can avoid creating visuals and words that could be misconstrued!

Do Use Color Wisely

Usually, the vehicle wrap color is designed according to the logo or brand of businesses. In addition, we should also take into consideration the color of the vehicles’ original paint(except full wrap). A well-balanced color design can make a vehicle wrap stand out from the crowd and give a professional touch to the overall design.

Do Maintain Your Vinyl Wrap

Truck wraps should not be installed and forgotten. Proper care and maintenance are a must to increase its longevity and prevent fading or discoloration. Check our installation & maintenance guidelines of vehicle wraps.


Truck Wrap Don’ts

Don’t Cut Corners on Quality

Vehicle wraps are affordable and effective – but only if you invest in quality materials. The average lifespan of a vehicle wrap is 5~7 years, which is removable without leaving residue. Poor quality wraps will only bring you trouble and loss.

Don’t Rush

Avoid rushing your truck wrapping since it is a one-time investment for long-term application. We need to make sure every detail is as perfect as possible. Rushing may lead to making more mistakes that will take time and money to rectify.

At last, pick a qualified graphic supplier in all forms of the process. Some companies are design-focused, others are installers with little design experience. Look for an experienced vehicle graphics manufacturer with designing ability, like ACME Graphic, could save a lot of trouble for you.

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