Top 6 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Vehicle Decals

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Vehicle Decals

Top 6 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Vehicle Decals

If you’ve been wondering if a vehicle decal is right for your company or organization, this list of our top FAQs about vehcile decals is a great place to learn more.

coach bus decals

1. What Are Vehicle Decals?

Vehicle decals refer to digitally printed graphics that could be a design you like, or a logo and contact info. that serve as advertising for a company.
These decals are primarily produced on printable self-adhesive vinyl with a protective laminate for added protection. The average lifespan of qualified car decals should be 3~7 years based on different materials.

What are the differences between vinyl decals and stickers?

According to industry habits, vinyl decals for cars usually have a larger size than stickers. Besides, vehicle decals often have more complex designs than stickers.


2. What Type of Vinyl Decals Works on My Car?

This is one of the most asked questions in our daily communication with our customers. The answer is not universal. Before quotation, we will first learn about the design, application, and expected lifespan for the decal. Then our vehicle graphics professionals can offer suitable solutions accordingly. You can also select vinyl decal types yourself if you’ve read this article”The Ultimate Guide to Vehicle Decals and Stickers


3. How much Does A Vehicle Decal Cost?

We take three things into consideration when providing a quote for a custom decal, including:

-The coverage area of the vinyl decal. (Size and type of vehicle will be needed)
-Vinyl material used (The higher quality vinyl film is usually at a higher price, but it’s also more durable.)
-Overall complexity of the project. Such as designing service needed or special production technique required.
Welcome to send us your requirements for a professional quotation!


4. How Long Does A Vehicle Decal Last?

The life span of a vehicle decal is typically between 3 – 5 years, depending on the amount of wear it sustains from daily use and from the climate/exposure it experiences.

However, when it comes to perforated window vinyl decal, it’s important to understand that the perforated vinyl, even with a protective clear laminate, will typically deteriorate more quickly than the regular vinyl decal products. The one-way-vision graphics typically last 6 months – 2 years depending on exposure and care.

You can learn about our recommendations in this article: Vehicle Decals Care And Maintenance, which can help your vehicle decals last longer.


5. What Happens if My Graphic Gets Damaged?

Damaged due to product quality

Most vehicle decal suppliers like ACME Graphic provide warranties for our vinyl graphic products. If your graphic or wrap begins to show wear or other problems within the warranty period, please reach out to your supplier and find out their warranty process.

Damaged by non-quality problems

Depending on the level of damage and the design of your vehicle decal, all or part of the decal may need to be removed and replaced. If the damaged area is small, install a new piece of vinyl film can solve the problem. Check How to fix vinyl wrap.

If there is too much of the decal to repair, you may have to remove it and apply a new one.


6. Will A Vehicle Wrap Damage Your Paint?

Vehicle decals are safe to apply and safe to remove. However, please note that you should install and remove the vehicle decals in the proper method. The wrong methods can result in scratches, poor adhesion, or even paint stripping.
You may want to check: How to remove vinyl decals

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