Reflective Vinyl Sticker

Reflective Vinyl Sticker


What Is Reflective Vinyl?

Reflective vinyl is one of the special types of vinyl material. Similar to standard vinyl, it can be cut to shape and printed with custom designs. What makes it special is that it has a metallic, reflective base that causes it to reflect backlight when light is shone on it.
reflective decals for motorcycle helmet


How Does Reflective Vinyl Work?

Reflective vinyl works by bouncing light back to the original source. In daylight, the original color of the reflective vinyl stickers looks similar to common vinyl decals. But under headlights or flashlights, the decals will look like they are lit up from within!
This is because the light is bouncing off of microscopic glass beads that are embedded inside the vinyl, reflecting the light back to the viewer.

how does reflective vinyl work


Reflective Vinyl Sticker Material

ACME uses premium 3M casting grade vinyl material to produce reflective vinyl stickers. The expected service life is 5 to 9 years. Besides, the vinyl is with air-release channels on the back adhesive for bubble-free installation, which can make the application much faster and easier.

reflective vinyl material


Reflective Vinyl Sticker Printing

ACME specialized in custom vinyl graphics, we can use digital printing as well as screen printing method to produce reflective stickers. And we can meet some customers’ special requirements such as spot reflective effect like below.

reflective vinyl sticker


Reflective Vinyl Pros and Cons

Reflective vinyl graphics or decals are widely applied on road signs or street signs, police cars, ambulance or emergency trucks, and fire trucks. This allows your decals to stand out at night. There are a few pros and cons to consider when making the decision to use reflective vinyl decals.

1. 24hours advertising effect – Highly visible even at night.
2. Contribute to safer driving.
3. Printable with a custom design.

1. Common reflective vinyl is slightly more difficult to apply (Can not use application fluid or water when applying).
2. Cost is higher than common vinyl decals.


Reflective Adhesive Vinyl FAQs

Q: How long does reflective vinyl last?
A: ACME-made reflective vinyl sticker is made from premium 3M casting grade vinyl, which can last for 5-9 years outdoors according to different processing techniques and application environment.

Q: Is reflective vinyl waterproof?
A: It is waterproof and weather resistant, is an ideal material choice for outdoor applications as well as indoors.