Cricut Vinyl

Cricut Vinyl

Cricut Vinyl allows you to make easily removable decals, labels, and more for personalized food containers, gifts, home decor, and almost anything else. The type of vinyl you use for Cricut depends on what you want to make. You can’t use the same type of vinyl for every Cricut project, and each project requires a different type of vinyl. As a result, it’s better to get things straight in your thoughts before you start.

Different Cricut Vinyl Types and Features

cricut machine vinyl vinyl cricut solid color

Adhesive vinyl is the most common type of vinyl you’ll find. You should always be aware of the differences between removable and permanent adhesive vinyl.

Removable (indoor) Vinyl

cricut vinyl roll

It’s ideal for indoor application on any smooth surface that won’t be washed or handled frequently. This type of removable vinyl is usually matte, which means it won’t glare or reflect light. This is the vinyl you’ll want for your wall decals. It can last for years and can be peeled away.

Ideal for making smooth wooden signs, decorative glass, and plates

Permanent (outdoor) Vinyl

Permanent adhesive vinyl, on the other hand, isn’t really permanent! However, it is waterproof and will outlast removable vinyl. This vinyl will be used for any DIY projects that will be washed (or exposed to water or weather). It has a glossy finish, which means it is shiny and reflects light.

Dimensions: 12’’ x 12’’ in sheet or 5.5’’ x 48’’/12’’ x 48’’/12’’x60’’ in roll
Ideal for making exterior walls, outdoor signs, car decals

Cricut Holographic Vinyl

Cricut Holographic Vinyl

Cricut Holographic Vinyl is all about a rainbow of colors and the ability to express yourself! This multicolored, gleaming material creates eye-catching decorations and creations. holographic vinyl lettering stickers are not limited to car stickers but can also be applied to personalized decorations such as electronic devices, notebooks, water bottles, and travel suitcases. Holographic vinyl lettering stickers are simple to apply and remove without residue, making them ideal for special events, seasonal crafts, and everyday celebrations!

Dimensions: 12’’ x 12’’ in sheet or 12’’ x 48’’/12’’x60’’ in roll
Ideal for making easily removable decals, labels, window décor, and other DIY projects


Window cling vinyl

Window cling vinyl, also known as static cling vinyl, does not have any adhesive. It sticks to smooth surfaces like glass, plastic, and metal using static electricity. Cling vinyl is ideal for applying temporary window decals. It’s also ideal for decorating lockers, mirrors, and whiteboards with detachable decorations. Decals with static cling can be removed and replaced multiple times as long as the surfaces are clean and dry. They’re ideal for holiday or birthday decorations because they can be reused year after year.

Heat transfer vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl (HTV/iron-on vinyl) is what you’ll use for sticking the vinyl to any sort of fabric. It bonds to fabric using heat and pressure.

How to apply Cricut vinyl decals?

Apply Cricut vinyl
Preparation with Cricut Transfer Tape

1. Remove the negative pieces from each of the images and leave the liner intact.
2. Remove the liner from the transfer tape.
3. Take the transfer tape in each hand with the adhesive side facing down. Gently place the transfer tape over the images. To prevent bubbles, start in the center and move out toward the edges. Use a scraper rub or polish the tape onto the vinyl.
4. Peel away the Vinyl liner at a 45-degree angle. If the Vinyl does not separate from the liner, simply burnish the transfer tape onto the vinyl again and then continue to peel the vinyl away from the liner.


1. Make sure your project surface is clean and dry. Carefully place the transfer tape with Vinyl images onto your surface how you would like them to appear.
2. Now burnish transfer tape onto the surface, starting in the center and moving out toward the edges.
3. Peel the transfer tape away from the Vinyl at a 45-degree angle. If the Vinyl images stick to the transfer tape, simply burnish the Vinyl onto the surface again. Then continue to peel the transfer tape away from the Vinyl.


Can you remove permanent Cricut vinyl?
You can either use heat from a hairdryer and a lot of scraping to remove permanent vinyl, or you can use an adhesive remover like Goo Gone.

When cutting permanent vinyl which side goes down?
Place the vinyl on the cutting pad with the liner side down. Choose your images and sizes, then place the mat in the machine.

Do you peel the back off vinyl before cutting?
Yes, at a 45-degree angle, gently pull the transfer tape off the paper backing. If the vinyl does not transfer to the tape, reposition it and burnish it.