Boat Signage

Boat Signage

Do you want to make your boat looks different from others? ACME graphic’s boat signage and decals can help! Our durable boat signage is made from highly adhesive vinyl, which enables you to show off your boat while making waves.

Boat Signage Options

boat lettering - acme graphic

boat decals

Boat Lettering and Boat Registration Numbers

Pre-cut from a solid colour vinyl material

Individual letters

61 colours available

Uses: individual lettering & simple 1-3 colour graphics

Pre-spaced and pre-masked for easy installation

Gradients, shadows, borders, slants, etc.

Boat Decals

Printed full colour onto adhesive vinyl

No colour limitations

Can be cut to shape but no individual letters

Protective backing with no transfer tape

Uses: complex graphics

Gradients, shadows, borders, slants, etc.


ACME offers customized boat vinyl signage solutions. Boat decals can be cut to the shape of your design or desired graphic. Lettering and more complex images or designs can be done with our boat decals but the lettering will not be cut out individually like our boat lettering. Lettering on a boat decal will also not be pre-masked but can be printed in any colour and can include text effects that boat lettering does not allow for.


Boat Signage Advantages

Cost Effective– The price of boat wrap is only a third of the cost of boat painting
Low Maintenance-It’s easy to maintain your boat’s appearance by routinely rinsing vinyl wraps with non-abrasive detergents and gentle brushes
Long Lasting– generally last longer than paint. With correct maintenance and proper care, it will last up to 10 years
Easily Reversible– can be removed easily without causing any damage to the surface. You can modify the appearance of your boat at any time
Environmentally Friendly– As an alternative to paints, they are environmentally friendly
Completely Customizable– flexibility to customize your boat to reflect your personality or brand your business
Resale Value-Vinyl wrap can protect the paint underneath. That will increase the resale value of your boat.

Installation and Care

1. Clean surface
It is important to wipe the surface clean with an alcohol-based cleaner to get rid of any harmful material that may be in place. The room temperature is between 10℃ and 30℃ before beginning the process. The site where the vinyl lettering will go should not be too humid, as it can negatively affect the procedure.

2. Tape decal along the top
The next step after the surface is properly prepared is to apply a strip of masking tape on top of the boat registration number or custom graphic. This will make sure that the boat decal stays in place.

3. Remove wax liner
The following step is to remove the wax liner by flipping over the boat decal and holding the bottom edge of the graphic away from the surface in order to expose the sticky vinyl backing.

4. Squeegee decal
Then, use a squeegee to press the vinyl boat letters on the area where it will appear, going from top to bottom like a windshield wiper blade. Careful not to trap any pockets of air that will create bubbles in the vinyl decal.

5. Remove transfer tape
After removing the top paper layer, the boat registration numbers or boat names will appear in place.

6. Care
You can clean boat lettering with water and a non-abrasive cloth. Our boat decals are designed to withstand the harsh elements of boating and inclement weather conditions. Use soap and water to remove surface dirt from the decal on a regular basis. Using power washers for cleaning and power buffers for applying wax or polish may damage the boat decal.