Airplane Wraps

Airplane Wraps

What Are Airplane Wraps?

Have you ever seen some planes that are particularly eye-catching in appearance? Do you know what are these graphics made from? The traditional method is painting, but today we’re talking about a fantastic way to change up the look of your aircraft, that’s vinyl airplane wraps!

Airplane vinyl wrap is a special type of vinyl film formulated for aircraft. Its production standards are higher because airplanes need to withstand extreme temperature changes in ascents and descents.

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Why Choose Airplane Wraps instead of Painting?

The traditional method of changing the exterior of an airplane is painting. When comparing the cost of wraps and painting initially, you may think painting is cheaper. However, if the paint is old and starts to fade, maybe you need to strip off the old paint and apply the new coat. Then it will cost a long time and manpower, not to mention the losses caused by the downtime of the plane.

Aircraft wraps offer a very lightweight, cost-effective solution to changing the color or look of your plane. ACME can help you work out custom aviation graphics for your airplane, including full wraps, partial wraps, and striping. Vinyl wraps have become extremely popular and offer a beneficial alternative to the traditional paint job, no matter for vehicle wraps or interior/outdoor signs.


What Are the Common Types of Airplane Graphics?