Window Graphics

Window Graphics

Window graphics are very common on the streets and in shopping malls. They provide a very practical branding and promotional signage solution while not affecting the function of the window.

Table of Contents

What are window graphics?
Why we use window graphics?
How to select window graphics?
Applications of window graphics and decals.
Installation and maintenance of window graphics.


What are window graphics?

Window graphics, also known as window stickers or window decals, are letters, graphics, or images printed onto or cut out of self-adhesive vinyl material and then placed on any type of window or glass surface. Window decals include vinyl lettering, clear window decals, opaque window decals, perforated window decals, and frosted window decals. Each type of decal is durable and is designed to withstand rain, sunshine, and other weather.

ACME offers mainly five main types of decals: vinyl lettering, clear window decal, opaque window decal, perforated window decal, and frosted window decal. Permanent adhesive or removable adhesive is available, and it can be applied either inside or outside the window.


Why we Use Window Graphics?

Window decals or stickers are mainly used by businesses, restaurants, and other stores to display store hours, business names, logos, products, advertisements, and contact information. They can help to increase brand awareness and promote sales. Furthermore, window graphics bring personality and life to plain glass at a low cost, while adding privacy and a sense of refinement.


How to Select Window Graphics?

When selecting window decals, Firstly you need to confirm the background material – transparent, perforated, or an easy-to-read opaque.

clear window graphics

Transparent window graphics

Clear window decals allow businesses to display their logo or message on the window, glass door, or storefront without entirely obstructing the view of people. ACME produces clear window decal and stickers with durable clear vinyl material. And vinyl lettering or decals can be placed on the inside of the window facing out. Clear window stickers can be removed easily from the window and leave no residue. They are also waterproof and weather resistant.


Perforated window graphics or one-way vision signs are see-through from the inside

Perforated window film is becoming more and more popular as they offer the opportunity to display graphics on the outside of your storefront windows while allowing those inside to see out through the holes in the vinyl.  From the inside, it looks like you are looking through a screen, and from the outside – customers see the full-color graphics.


opaque window wraps and decals for vehicle

Opaque vinyl window graphics give the best color and clarity

Opaque window graphic has a full block-out effect, it is manufactured with standard (non-perforated) vinyl. Besides, it can be combined with a protecting laminate or an anti-graffiti laminate that allows marker and spray paint to be removed with a rag and rubbing alcohol. Although opaque graphic stickers or decals don’t allow you to see out from the inside, they have the best color and clarity representation.

Clarity and transparency compare between opaque window graphics and clear/transparent window graphics


Etched or frosted glass graphics with a high-end Look

Etched and frosted vinyl graphics are often applied in offices or conference rooms, they can protect privacy without compromising light transmittance. Besides, they are often used on the glass door as a mark to avoid people hitting on it.


vinyl lettering for window

Vinyl lettering

Vinyl lettering is composed of individual letters and numbers cut from a piece of solid-colored vinyl, thus having no background.

Next, decide on which side of the glass you’ll use: Our decals are available in both weather-proof inside-glass or eye-catching outside-glass. Due to the material characteristics, only vinyl lettering, clear decals, and frosted decals can be applied on the inside of the window facing out. This way can keep the decal out of severe weather or scratches.

The selection of window graphics depends on what type of visibility/transparency you want, where you want it placed, and what the end purpose of your sign is. If you’re not sure which type to choose, please do not hesitate to contact us, our experts will suggest the most suitable solutions.


Applications of Window Graphics and Decals

Window graphics or decals are mainly applied on windows, storefronts, glass doors, mirrors, or any other smooth glass surface.

store window decals

Window graphics for storefronts – eye-catching window signage can help to attract customers and grow your business. An opaque window decal can also hide the construction work of a new store.


window decals for vehicles

Window graphics for vehicles – the perforated vinyl decal is widely applied on car windows, it’s a great way to increase brand exposure without obstructing your view. However, for some special vehicles, the windows will not be used, so a full wrap covering the window area can increase the eye-catching effect of the whole design. Truck rear window graphics are especially popular in recent years, ACME can produce according to your design or design & print according to the picture you provided.


Installation and Maintenance of Window Graphics

For small size window decals, lettering or stickers, you can complete the installation alone in a few minutes. For large format graphics, please contact us for instructions, our 3M graphics authorized trainer will offer a 1-on-1 coaching service for free.

  1. Thoroughly cleaning the window or glass surface you intend to use for your decal and dry the surface.
  2. Apply a strip of masking tape on top of the graphic to fix it in the correct position.
  3. Remove the wax liner behind the decal and use a squeegee to press the transfer paper on the vinyl graphic, going from top to bottom like a windshield wiper blade.
  4. Remove the transfer paper, the lettering or graphics will appear in place.

Care: Regularly wash your window decal with a damp, non-abrasive cloth, avoid using power washers. Proper cleaning will help to remove dirt and grime from the decal and help maintain its quality and lifetime.


How long does a window decal last?
After installation, our window decals can last 3+ years inside or outside with proper care and maintenance.

Are the decals repositionable?
The only window decal that is repositionable is the clear window decal. Vinyl lettering, opaque decals, perforated decals, and frosted decals are not repositionable. While there is some wiggle room and forgiveness when they are initially installed, once the adhesive backing becomes active it is not possible to reposition your decal. If you need something that needs regular repositioning we recommend static clings.

Are the decals difficult to remove? Will they ruin my windows?
Generally speaking, the decals are easy to remove. In most cases, the decals can simply be peeled away from the window. Usually, a razor blade and window cleaner will be needed to remove any residual adhesive material. For decals that are extremely difficult to take off the window, a flat edge, such as a squeegee, can help facilitate the peeling away of the decal.

Since glass is clear, what does the backside of the window graphic looks like?
The backside of window graphics that will be seen on the inside of the glass depends on the material that is used. ACMC uses 3M vinyl material with a clear, light grey, or black adhesive. The backside of our opaque material options is either white or grey.