Perforated Window Film

Perforated Window Film

What is a perforated window film made from?

Normally a perforated window film is processed from a self-adhesive white gloss calendared vinyl material with tiny holes. An image or graphic is printed directly onto the non-adhesive front side of the perforated vinyl window film. In this way, the graphics are opaque from the outside, while see-through from the inside.

Viewed from both outside /inside

perforated decals


Features of ACME one way vision window film

  • Indoor/outdoor applicable.
  • Long-lasting, good privacy, easy installation, and removal.
  • 3+ years lifespan with proper placement and care.
  • Wide range of applications including vehicle windows graphics, rear window graphics, vinyl privacy window film, glass entrance doors, and more.
  • 50/50 pattern (50% printable area, 50% perforated holes). 50% transparency material is widely used on vehicle windows and other locations where maximum through-vision is required.


Benefits of one way perforated vinyl privacy window film

Eye-catching and valuable advertising space

Perforated window vinyl with graphics is a creative idea for advertising your store or brand. A distinctive graphic or decal can boost impressions.


One-way vision privacy and security

Perforated window graphic film can hide the view into rooms without the need for blinds or curtains during the daytime.


Solar shading

A one way perforated vinyl window film can reduce glare and solar heat gain within buildings while maintaining excellent see-through from the inside.


Reduce bird strikes

One way perforated graphics window film on the outside of windows will help minimize the number of bird collisions.


Note: No matter how colorful the print is, or how much the film is covering, the side with the brightest light will always be visible to the individuals on the darker side. This creates a one-way mirror effect that can be reversed with the simple turn of a light switch, or with the natural cycle of the sun.



Q: Will this one-way vision graphic be installed inside the window or outside the window?
A: Inside applied window perf is protected from sunlight, vandalism, rainwater and dirt, and also easier to be installed. Outside applied window perf will present more vivid colors.

Q: How to measure your glass?
A: For one piece window perf
1. Measure the width and height of only glass area of window, not entire window frame.
2. Adding 1 inch in each direction to your measurements. This allows room for error and trimming during your installation.

For multiple graphic decals together to create one large window perf.
1. Measure the full size (height and width) of your windows in inches.Only measure the glass area.
how to measure the glass size for vinyl graphics
2. Measure the size of each small window individually, and only measure the glass area.
measure glass size for multiple graphic decals

After measuring, please provide us the measurements of your windows and a file or idea of the image/graphic you would like to use. Our team will send you the quote and graphic solutions accordingly.


Perforated window film installation



To extend your vinyl graphics’ service life, ACME suggest you hand wash your decals with a damp cloth. Pressure washers will cause peeling.

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