Floor Graphics

Floor Graphics

More and more people are constantly looking down on their smartphones while walking on the road, so there emerges an important advertising space for floor graphics! Compared with traditional high-cost advertising options like digital media, floor graphic is a unique and low-cost promotion method.

Table of contents

What are floor graphics and decals?
What are the benefits of floor graphics?
Where can we place vinyl floor graphics?
How to select floor graphics?
Installation and maintenance of floor graphics


What are floor graphics and decals?

Floor graphics and decals are made from self-adhesive vinyl material applied on the floor indoors or outdoors for advertisement purposes.

Floor signage can help to promote a brand, organize an area, direct foot traffic or decorate for a special event. ACME also produces customized graphics to meet customers’ special requirements.

floor graphics decals feature

ACME floor graphic material has three layers above the liner

Base: This vinyl layer is constructed of a flexible substrate. It’s the area where the images are printed.

Anti-Skid Laminate Coating: This matte mask protects the design from slippage, scratching, skid marks, discoloration, and more.

Adhesive: This strong layer binds the floor decal to the surface for a secure fit.


What are the benefits of floor graphics?

– Grap people attention while promoting your brand

– Help to promote in-store products and sales

– Direct traffic or indicate areas for storage of equipment or products.

– Decorate your space and add an artistic feel

Indoor and outdoor floor decals or stickers create interesting visual material for those people watching phones or waiting in line. They transform high-traffic floor areas into attention-grabbing spaces for advertising.


Where can we use floor decals and stickers?

First of all, you need to know that vinyl floor graphics WILL NOT work on porous or non-compatible surfaces such as unsealed concrete, carpet, or areas that are dirty, stained (oil, chemicals, etc.), or wet. However, we have other materials for uneven surfaces, carpets, and concrete. Our team is ready to help you with any customized requirements.

Indoor application – Slip-resistant floor signs with removable or permanent adhesive


Outdoor application – Weather-resistant and durable graphics for high-traffic pedestrian areas


How to select a floor graphic?

The selection of floor signs needs to be considered based on the location and purpose of your applications. For example, if it’s for indoor use, common vinyl material will be enough, and the average lifespan is 6~12 months. But if it’s for outdoor use such as a sidewalk or basketball court, then special 3M vinyl should be a better choice. Furthermore, if the graphic is for a trade show, you don’t need long-term adhesive. Instead, it’s best to use short-term options that are easy to remove. On the other hand, if you plan to keep the graphics in place long-term, it’s better to use a stronger product.


How to install floor decals?

Preparations before installation:

* After receiving the decals, leave it to flatten out for 24 hours.
* Thoroughly clean the floor surface and allow it to dry completely.

Step 1: Put the decal on the floor and use a strip of tape across the entire length of the decal to hold it in place.

Step 2: Peel off a portion of the backing liner and cut it away while holding the exposed decal.

Step 3: Press the exposed decal to the floor and squeegee it into place, working from the center out to the edges.

Step 4: Remove the tape applied in step 1 and peel off the left part of the backing liner to expose the decal a few inches at a time. Squeegee the decal with firm and pressure.


Care: Most ACME-made floor graphics will be coated with an overlaminate. Therefore, you can use floor cleaning chemicals and products on the decal. Talk to us about the different options we have and we will ensure you get the graphics that help you stand out.