RV decals installation case share

Case Study

RV decals installation case share

Last week, our company met a customer from Yunnan Province . We designed and installed a new RV decal for him.

The decal is blue and black in color, with a little freshness in a stable way.

First, we disposed of the old one and cleaned the body.

Next, we made a pre-positioning of the decal. This process is very important, otherwise the later work is a waste of effort.

Pre-positioning: Strictly in accordance with the design plan for positioning.

1. Tail decal installation

The process is installed normally, but have to use a heat gun for surface treatment, the purpose is to make the pull and body surface paste more firmly!

2. Left side decal installation

This part of the process tests the film maker’s skills and is more time consuming compared to the entire pull-out installation process.

As shown in the picture above, the curved part of the left side of the body appears, and its connection with the rest of the body requires a very professional and meticulous construction by the film maker. Because it is a curved surface film, every step needs to be adjusted repeatedly to ensure that the film fits perfectly with the curved edge. At the same time, small air bubbles must be avoided. This is a great test of the patience and care of the builder.

As shown in the picture below, the installation of the left side body decal has been completed.

3. Right side decal installation

4. The final effect of installation show

5. Original and final effect comparison chart

Original photo
final result photo

ACME has been doing wraps for 20 years, so we are more professional! If you have any RV film or other film needs, you can contact us at any time, and we will provide you with one-stop service of custom design and installation.

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