Road Sightseeing Train Wrap – ACME Graphic Case Study

road sightseeing train wrap-封面
Case Study

Road Sightseeing Train Wrap – ACME Graphic Case Study

Project Overview:

ACME Graphic produced a custom Road Sightseeing Train Wrap for our custom, showcasing an innovative and visually stunning project where an ordinary train is transformed into a moving piece of art. This transformation is achieved through a meticulously designed and installed graphic wrap.


Enhance Visual Appeal: To make the train visually appealing and blend it with the scenic routes it travels.
Promotional Effect: To use the train as a mobile advertising platform for the tourism city.
Inspire Creativity: To showcase the possibilities of graphic design in public transportation.


Design Concept: The team at ACME Graphic developed a vibrant and detailed design, taking inspiration from the landscapes the train would traverse.

Material Selection: To withstand weather conditions and maintain visual integrity over time, we choose to use high-quality, durable materials.

Installation: To ensure a seamless and professional finish, graphic installers need to pay attention to a lot of details.

Road Sightseeing Train Wrap


Weather Conditions: Ensuring the wrap could endure various weather conditions without degradation.

Application Precision: Achieving a flawless application on the train’s surface, which includes curves and contours.

ACME also specialized in vinyl wraps and graphic ideas for rail

The Road Sightseeing Train Wrap by ACME Graphic is a testament to how creative design can enhance everyday objects, turning them into extraordinary visual experiences. This project highlights the intersection of art, design, and functionality, significantly impacting public perception.

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