Where can you get replacement decals for your RV?

replacement decals for your rv
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Where can you get replacement decals for your RV?

Generally, the average lifespan of an RV is around 20 years, while the lifespan of a premium-grade vinyl decal is around 9 years. So if the decals get faded or cracked, where can you get replacement decals for your RV?

OEM decals for RVs are either difficult to come by, overpriced, or unavailable

For a few years after the RV or Trailer model is introduced, the manufacturer may have stock decals available. These must be ordered and installed through a dealer, who may charge a high price for both purchases and installations. (Simply buying the decal package from a dealer might cost up to $2000.) If your RV or trailer is more than 4-5 years old, the dealers won’t be able to provide you with anything in the way of new decals.

Make new decals for your RV

The most common method for creating new decals is to work with pictures of existing artwork. Please go to our Photo Taking Guidelines page if you intend to take reference photos for us.
replacement decals for your rv

Can RV decals be repaired or replaced?

The graphics on your RV will fade or crack over time. This happens slowly and will be more noticeable on the side of your RV that gets the most sun. Exposure to the environment, on the other hand, can accelerate this process. RV decal cracks, in any case, are a symptom of your RV’s age and, more than likely, something that every RV owner will have to deal with at some point.

If you feel that the replacement cost is out of budget or you don’t want to bother, then depending on the condition of the decal, it can be repaired. You can fix the graphics on your RV in a variety of ways. Check this article to see how to restore vinyl decals.
If your RV decals cracked, then maybe the best way is to replace them with a new one.

How to apply replacement graphics?

Remove old decals

Step 1- Use a heat gun, hairdryer, or steamer to heat the adhesive holding the decal to the RV exterior.
Step 2- Peel the decal off using a putty knife, razor blade, utility knife, etc. Be careful to not scratch the RV exterior.
Step 3- Wearing good rubber gloves, use an adhesive remover to remove old glue that remains on your RV.
Step 4- Spray an oxidation remover on the ghost images.
Please refer to “How to remove RV decals” for detailed steps.

Apply the RV replacement decals

1. Clean the surface where you’re going to apply the decal, the denatured alcohol will help. (Do some test first on the corner of your RV in case the detergent may damage the fiberglass)

measure to confirm position rv decals apply

2. Use a measurement and holder tape to fix the graphics in the correct position.

fix the graphics
3. Tape the decals down the middle, also called the hinge method.

peel off backing paper
4. Remove the transfer mask and graphic from backing paper up the point of the hinge, tear and pull it off.

squeegee down decals
5. Squeegee down the decals, from middle to up and middle to down.

6. Remove the hinge and squeegee the other side of the decal.

7. Peel off the masking paper off.


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