How to Repair Small Scratches on a Vinyl Car Wrap

Apply Vinyl Car Wrap patch
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How to Repair Small Scratches on a Vinyl Car Wrap

A vinyl patch can sometimes be used to fix small scratches on a custom car wrap. The severity of the damage to the vinyl car wrap will affect how comprehensive the repair will be. You can choose to fix the vinyl car wrap by yourself, or repair it by your vinyl wrap provider will ensure that the patch looks perfectly flawless. If you decide to fix it by yourself, we have summarized some repair steps for you.

Vinyl Car Wrap

The following are the basic steps for repairing a minor scratch on a vinyl car wrap:

1. Clean the Damaged Area

Always remember to clean your wrap before doing any application of vinyl car wrap. Clean the damaged area using a microfibre towel and a mix of soap and water. make sure the area is clear of debris, wax, or grease, as these contaminants might impact how the vinyl patch adheres to the vehicle. This step is essential for your successful applications.

2. Remove Damaged Sections

cut off the damaged vinyl car Wrap

Remove the damaged vinyl parts from the vehicle with a sanding block and wet sandpaper while the damaged area is still wet. Use only light pressure to sand the area horizontally. After removing the damaged vinyl, wipe the area again and dry it with a microfibre towel.

3. Apply the Vinyl Patch

Apply Vinyl Car Wrap patch

Prepare a vinyl patch large enough to cover the damaged area and overlap with the current vinyl wrap. Remove the backing and start applying the vinyl patch from the middle to the outer edge with a squeegee. Clear any air bubbles as you work your way up and down the patch. If you’re having trouble stretching the vinyl, try using a heat gun or a hairdryer to soften it up.

4. Adhere the Vinyl Patch

heat the vinyl and apply

Once the vinyl patch has properly adhered to the surface, use a heat gun or hair dryer to help the vinyl wrap attach to stretched areas, such as curves or creases.

Vinyl Wrap Repairs After a Car Accident

It’s possible that you are able to repair your customized vinyl car wrap even if you’ve been in a major car accident. If your car needs to be repaired and repainted, make sure to ask the auto repair specialist how long it will take for the paint to cure. While you may be able to drive your car once the paint is dry to the touch, the paint beneath the surface must harden and attach to the vehicle before you fix your wrap.

Technicians from ACME Graphics Team are always available to answer any questions you might have or to help repair damage to your vinyl car wrap. Contact us today through our online contact form and we will work with you to provide the perfect solution for your needs.

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