Reflective Vinyl Signs For Safer Roads

reflective vinyl signs and common signs compare
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Reflective Vinyl Signs For Safer Roads

According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the rate of traffic fatalities is three times higher at night than during the day. One of the most important contributing factors is that nighttime drivers often lack the visual cues they receive during daylight. Reflective vinyl signs help nighttime drivers get the critical visual information they need for a safer drive.

reflective vinyl signs

How important are brighter signs? A study from the University of Iowa found a direct relationship between a sign’s brightness and a driver’s ability to see the sign and its message. Study participants were able to read and understand brighter signs substantially faster. This study suggests that brighter signs require less eyes-off-the-road time, leaving drivers more focused on the task of driving—an especially important advantage when driving at night.

reflective vinyl signs and common signs compare

The reflective vinyl sign offers optimized retroreflective performance to make signs more visible at night.

Since different sized vehicles create different observation angles between the headlights and the driver’s eye level, reflective signs return more light in a larger cone of reflectivity, making signs appear brighter for every driver.

Besides traffic signs, reflective vinyl can be made to other types of decals, please check reflective vinyl stickers for more details.

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