Reasons of why van body ads are growing in popularity

Reasons of why van body ads are growing in popularity



In the past, the advertising logo of the Van body has not attracted enough attention. Compared with large-scale pictures of the bus body, it is ignored inadvertently. Today, Van ads has become the strategic “core media placement” of some big companies. More and more valuable. Why is it becoming more and more important?

1. Strong affinity. The advantage of van body advertising is not only that it can be seen everywhere, but also has a strong affinity. Although vans are owned by companies, drivers usually drive stationary vehicles. When delivering goods, stores that often receive goods have to deal with drivers. People are emotional, and their familiarity and trust in a driver is often easily transferred to company messages posted on the car he drives. This subtle feeling also applies. It will affect the purchase intention of nearby acquaintances. Some beverage brands put one or two small bottles in the back of the van when they advertise in large quantities on the car body, and let the driver sell it on their behalf. Through acquaintances around the driver, they selldrinks. The brand side is very fancy about this.


2. Less flexibility restrictions: not limited by road restrictions and space size. The advertisement of the bus body is really very eye-catching, but we can’t drive into a citizen’s residential area. Also, some roads are restricted. This is very bad for a large truck or bus. Except for the glass, tires and lights, the body of the van cannot be pasted. Brand advertisements can be pasted on the front, back, left, and right sides. 360° display opportunities and four-dimensional publicity, with strong visual impact.



3: long-term repetitive stimulation memory. Vans usually have fixed routes and often stop in busy places where people have to pass. This is a very striking fixed sign. People have to pass the van every day, whether they want to see it or not, it’s there and they should see it. The long-term repeated memory of potential consumers will eventually affect consumers’ terminal purchase intention.


Based on the above reasons, it is not difficult to understand that large companies are now investing a lot of money in the promotion of van bodies, and the purpose is very deep.