How to Take Care of Your Matte Car Wrap

Matte Car Wrap

How to Take Care of Your Matte Car Wrap

Matte car wraps are a unique and appealing selection for personal vehicles and enterprise advertising. Because the matte surface absorbs more light than a gloss finish, the colours on the wrap appear both rich and subdued at the same time. If you’re thinking about using a matte finish for your car wrap, keep in mind that they require different maintenance than other finishes. That is why the professionals at ACME Graphics have gathered some information to help you understand how to care for a matte car wrap and keep it looking as good as new.

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Caring for Your Matte Car Wrap

Matte Car Wrap

Matte wraps have a porous structure that makes them more sensitive to damage from improper care than other finishes. As a result, when caring for your wrap, it is critical to consider the following factors:

1. Cleaning Products

It’s important to avoid applying waxes or polishes on your matte wrap to keep it from getting glossy. It’s also a bad idea to use regular vehicle wash soap or detail spray because many of them contain waxes, silicones, and optical brighteners. This means you’ll have to look for cleaning products that don’t include any of these chemicals. To successfully maintain a matte finish from staining, fading, and etching, consider using a combination of matte care products and a liquid paint coating specific to matte finishes.

2. Cleaning Methods

A two-bucket wash system can be used to clean matte vinyl wraps. You may properly clean the surface of your vehicle without contaminating it by utilizing matte car wash soap and plush wash gloves. To avoid damage to the custom vinyl wrap, just dry it with clean microfibre towels or compressed air once it has been washed. If you need to remove impurities like bugs, bird droppings, or mud, use a chemical cleaner that will safely break down the contaminants before gently wiping them away with a microfibre towel.

3. Making Repairs

Certain matte vinyl materials, such as 3M vinyl, are referred to as self-healing wraps because minor damage may be quickly fixed with a heat gun. Simply heat the surface with a heat gun or hairdryer and keep it 6-12 inches away from the wrap to remove small dents or blemishes. As the wrap warms up, it will smooth out and revert to its original state. It’s best to hire a professional for major dents or damage to guarantee that it’s repaired properly.

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