How Do We Make A Custom Food Truck Wrap?

food truck wrap design

How Do We Make A Custom Food Truck Wrap?

When we get inquiries about making a custom food truck wrap, there are a few points we need to confirm with our customers.

Requirements Confirmation

Preferred Design

Many food trucks follow the appearance of the cuisine they serve. A coffee truck might use a cursive script logo, an awning, and pastel colors to match the vibe, but a late-night pizza truck might use bold colors, reflective vinyl, and in-your-face writing. A well-designed food truck wrap can help people remember you.

Tips: To make a custom food truck wrap, we suggest you use vibrant or bold colors, which can increase your truck’s visibility. Besides, a recognizable logo and contact information should be all included in your design. ACME provides custom design service, contact us now to get a FREE quote!

Visible during the night: If you plan on driving at night, you should consider your vehicle’s illumination. Printable reflective graphic films give food trucks bright, sharp nighttime and daytime visibility for enhanced advertising effectiveness, identification, and safety 24 hours a day.

Partial Wrap or Full Wrap

A partial wrap is a more economical option, while a full wrap can include more of your advertising elements. You can choose either based on your requirement.

Expected Lifespan

Service life is an important element for vehicle wrap manufacturers to quote. Since the lifespan is various based on different material and processing techniques. Normally the outdoor service life for a food truck wrap is 3 to 7 years. The lifespan is in direct relation to the price.

Dimension Confirm

To make a custom food truck wrap, the dimension of the design is necessary. Customers may send us the design files or pictures of their food trucks. In the second case, the dimensions shall be measured manually and marked as in the picture below:
make custom food truck wrap


Graphic Solutions Confirm

After the quotation stage, we will send our customer an effective picture of the food truck wrap for final confirmation.

food truck wrap design

Vinyl Wrap Production

ACME uses advanced digital printing technology to produce custom vehicle wraps. It’s UV-resistant, waterproof, and anti-scratch.
vinyl car sticker overlaminate

Installation Tips

food truck wrap applyfood truck wrap installfood truck wrap application


For large format printing car vinyl wrap, the design will be spliced into several pieces. During application, there will be a 5cm to 10cm overlap area between the spliced vinyl sheets.
Installation Direction: From down to up, back to front.
To learn detailed installation procedures, please refer to our installation instructions.

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