Retail Graphics

Retail Graphics

What Are Retail Graphics?

A retail graphic can be anything in a store that helps to promote your products or business. A visual merchandising strategy focuses heavily on the appearance of retail graphics, as they are often the first point of contact between your product and the shopper.

Excellent retail graphics representation is composed of eye-catching designs, attractive colors, and the right materials. Experience matters when it comes to retail printing services and ACME has been providing high-quality print products and solutions for more than 20 years. We use the latest print technology to create retail graphics that get the attention of customers.

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Why Retail Graphics Are Crucial and Won’t be Faded?

The way your retail environment looks can powerfully affect the mind of every customer who walks through your door.

Some people may consider currently that digital marketing is more popular and effective. Frankly speaking, people now are flooded with digital information online. Can you assure that your digital message negating all the noise and clutter and making it to the person’s eyes on a consistent basis? The digital messages are like a drop in the ocean and your advertising may be just one click away from being ignored.

However, it’s a little different for printed matters. Traditional print materials (brochures, catalogs, newsletters) can guarantee the readers’ exclusive attention. It’s unwise to underestimate the power of traditional materials. After all, printed retail graphics been there for ages and it’s not going anywhere.

Retail graphics can play a critical role in enhancing the in-store experience of visitors. Every brand wants to ensure that its brand and product features are perceived correctly by both existing and potential customers. The custom retail graphics and design certainly can elevate the look of a merchandising display and can wow customers when they walk inside the store.

Common Types of Retail Graphics

Interior Signage

One of the simplest, yet most effective forms of retail graphics are signs. ACME can create customized sizes, shapes, and types of signs.

interior signage

Interior signage such as wall murals, or barricade graphics is widely used in the mall to promote an upcoming event or to show off a spiffy new logo.

ACME provides vinyl graphics for various surfaces, including concrete, brick walls, sand walls, and corrugated surfaces. The average lifespan is 6 months to one year based on different substrates and conditions.

We offer a wide variety of materials for POS or POP displays, windows, floors, walls, and murals in grand format printing. Permanent or temporary graphics solutions are both available. We provide the right solution so that the retail display graphics grab your customers’ attention.

Dump Bins display- A great advantage of dump bins is that they are standalone displays, and can be strategically placed to be seen or interacted with from all angles.

Vinyl Stickers– Adhesive-backed vinyl stickers are a good way to go if you want to apply graphics to a variety of different materials. You can also print on paper-based materials, but vinyl tends to be more durable.


Floor Graphics

Well-designed floor graphics can easily grab people’s attention. This is a unique way to advertise your products and display your brand that not many retail owners think of. They’re best used in areas of high foot traffic, like a promotional event.

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Directional signage – Use them to direct traffic to make it easier for crowds to get to their destinations or direct customers through an optimal selling route.

ACME graphics are manufactured from the highest quality vinyl film(3M) and coated with an overlaminate. The floor graphics have excellent wear resistance and slip resistance with no virtually glue residue when being removed. The average service life is 3~6 months, custom outdoor floor decals and signs are available.

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Window Graphics

Whether a small storefront or large event arena, large-format window graphics offer a flexible, low-cost advertising option that offers BIG impacts and impressions.

These graphics are available in clear, opaque, and perforated. One-way-vision graphics can add a degree of privacy to your business. Furthermore, perforated window graphics can manage harsh sunlight while displaying a message.