Public Transportation Signs

Public Transportation Signs

Public Transit Signs and Graphics

ACME manufactures a full line of public transit signs, graphics, and markings for the public transportation industry. The public transit signs are widely applied in light-rail, high-speed rail, buses, bus rapid transit systems (BRT), subways, trolleys, trains, airplanes, and ferry lines.

Why Public Transportation Signs Are Important?

Public transportation carries countless passengers every day. So the promotion through public transportation graphics such as bus wraps or decals, train wraps will bring a considerable number of potential customers.

Besides, public transit signs such as road signs are important for every road user in order to maintain the safety and efficiency of our transportation facilities.


Examples of Public Transportation Signage

School bus decals

Bus Graphics and Decals

Bus decals communicate important information to passengers and other vehicles. ACME produces many different decals with high durability and cost-effectiveness. We create removable, long-lasting bus graphics that will make a huge impact and won’t cause damage to your vehicle.

train wraps

Train Wraps

ACME offers digital printing wraps and graphics that can transform the entire train to promote your transit authority events. We use durable vinyl film with excellent picture representation. A good wrap can improve the look of the train while acting as a protective barrier to alleviate damage such as scratches, rocks, and sun damage.

Reflective Traffic signs

Reflective Traffic Signs

Truck traffic has increased significantly in the past few years. Drivers of trucks are especially affected by reflective sign performance since the angle between the driver’s eyes and the headlights is significantly greater. ACME manufactures traffic signs with diamond grade DG3 sheeting, which can return more light in a larger cone of reflectivity. These signs are more visible for every driver so as to make the roads safer for everyone.

Road Signs

Road signs are designed to deliver universally understood information. Please make sure that your yield, speed limit, and one-way signs are the right color, and use the right font to comply with your local guidelines. Road signs especially highway signs help to reduce the rate of car accidents and maintain safe driving conditions.

ACME also offers custom public transportation signs, please contact us today for a FREE quote!