10 Incredible Vehicle Wraps Examples

Incredible Vehicle Wraps
Vehicle Wraps

10 Incredible Vehicle Wraps Examples

Vehicle wraps transform common automobiles into mobile advertisements. Your brand will be seen by thousands of people on a daily basis. A quality vehicle wrap can last between five to seven years, it’s a good return on investment.

But for outdoor advertising, creativity is very important, and it is not easy to make your vehicle advertisement stand out from the crowd. Let’s take a look at some excellent car wrap designs.

Incredible Vehicle Wraps Examples

1. Zoo Bus Wraps

This is a bus wrap used to advertise the Copenhagen Zoo. A giant constrictor snake squeezes a complete Copenhagen citybus. The unique and memorable design will impress most people at the first glance. This vinyl wrap incorporates the entire bus into its design and creates an amazing outlook.

Incredible Vehicle Wraps
Source: Ads of the world


2. Dr. Best: Bus by Kim Sokola, Julia Neumann

This wrap ad made genius use of those extra-long buses with a joint in between forward and back sections. The ad utilizes the joint space to demonstrate the flexibility of a Dr. Best toothbrush.

incredible bus wraps
Source: Hongkiat


3. Airport Bus by Neue Lgk

This bus wrap is for an airport. It looks like a flying bus from a distance, which is memorable and fun for the passengers.

Source: Hongkiat


4. Hell on Wheels: Bus by Kathryn Daab

In conjunction with the DVD release of the first season of AMC’s series “Hell on Wheels” in 2012. This wrap effectively transformed a regular city bus into a flaming locomotive train.

Source: Hongkiat


5. Godfather Wrap on a Sedan

As a fan of matte black and the legendary Godfather, this a greatly prepared design. The matte black background pulls together the black and white Godfather character as well as the smoke.

god father car wrap


6. FedEx Carrying UPS

This trailer wrap design wins through creativity, not flashy outgoing.

fedex truck graphics


7. FedEx Truck Graphics

This express van truck wrapped in a graphic that features a “competitor” delivery truck trailing behind.

creative van wraps


8. Coke’s Trailer Wrap

Seeing such a trailer on the road, don’t you want to have a bottle of Coca-Cola right away?

creative trailer wrap


10. Stree Sweepers Wraps

Application of electric toothbrush ads on road cleaning vehicles, showing the perfect combination of advertising, vehicles, and products.

creative sweeper car wraps and graphics


10. Dump truck

The dump truck wrap designed by MasterWraps for Zarfer combines the vehicle with the logo, and it will definitely be impressive when driving on the road.

zarfer dump truck graphics


ACME’s Incredible Vehicle Wraps

The History of Vehicle Wraps

The design elements and colors of this medical vehicle echo its theme of “Mobile Medical Complex”

Wuling hongguang mini ev vinyl wrap supply

A Chinese Wuling Hongguang electric car decorated with yellow and black vinyl. I believe the mini Bumblebee will be definitely popular.


For more creative car wraps and decals, please check our Custom Vehicle Wraps and Graphics Cases.


Not All Vinyl Graphics are Created Equally


ACME uses 3M premium vinyl material to fabricate vehicle graphics and wraps. It can be applied to flat surfaces, with and without rivets, compound curves, and corrugations. In addition, our vehicle wraps are weather-resistant, scratch-resistant, and waterproof. The adhesive has an air guide groove for easy installation, can be removed within the warranty period (3~7 years), and will not damage the original paint surface of the vehicle.

vehicle graphics digital printing


We use HP Latex ink to print graphics, which is environmentally friendly and resistant to light fade. After printing, an overlaminate will be attached to protect the graphics and increase the durability.



We are a 3M select gold supplier in the fleet graphics field and can provide a 3M MCS warranty. Furthermore, our 3M endorsed graphic installers can give you detailed application instructions. After training, you will be able to complement most types of vehicle wrap installation yourself, with no need to pay for expensive installation costs.

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