How To Repair Vinyl Car Wraps?

how to repair vinyl car wraps
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How To Repair Vinyl Car Wraps?

It’s inevitable that cars will get scratched on the road. So do we have to replace the entire sheet of vinyl wrap? It’s not necessary, ACME will show you how to repair scratched or broken vinyl car wraps in an easy and budget-friendly way.

But the following methods are not suitable for perfectionists. Since it can be recognized by the naked eye after the repair, so this method is not ideal for large-area repairs.

Assess the Damage – Is the Vinyl Car Wrap Repairable?

If it’s serious damage that your car body or panels need to be repaired or replaced, we suggest you replace the entire vinyl wrap of this damaged part.

If it’s a scratch or abrasion on the surface, don’t worry, we can fix it. However, if the damaged area is too large or it’s in the central location, then the results of the repair may be unsatisfactory. You could assess the damage yourself or contact us for a free consultation. Our experienced vehicle wrap installers will be at your service.


How To Repair Vinyl Car Wraps?


A sheet of the vinyl you originally used to wrap your vehicle
A Utility knife
Heat gun
Microfiber towel

1.Clean up the area

clean up the area

The damaged part usually came with dirt and debris. It’s important to make sure the surface is clean before fixing your car wrap. Use some soapy water to clean the area with a microfiber towel.


2. Remove the damaged vinyl part

Peel off the damaged partcut off the damaged vinyl

Remove the damaged vinyl part and the lifting vinyl around it. Clean the area again and dry with a microfiber towel.


3. Apply the Vinyl Patch

clean the surface

Measure and cut a section of vinyl that can cover the damaged part, then overlap the existing wrap around it. Use your hand or fingers to apply the vinyl film, in up-and-down motions. Then carefully trim the excess vinyl wraps with a blade, be careful not to apply too much pressure which may damage your paint.
Notes: Most vehicle wraps and graphics suppliers should always keep your vehicle wrap design on file in case of an accident with the vehicle.


4. Seal the Vinyl Patch

heat the vinyl and apply

Use a heat gun(or hairdryer alternatively) to heat the replacement wrap to make sure it adheres fully to the vehicle. The edge part usually needs a repeat heating and squeegeeing process.


Check the video of fixing a damaged vinyl wrap.


And that’s it! The repaired vinyl part may be identifiable if you take a close look. But it will look significantly better than before and come at a far lower cost than replacing the entire wrap.

If you think this is not a perfect way, then you can replace the whole vinyl sheet that includes the damaged part. Below is a diagram showing the five major vinyl sheets for a whole car wrap. ACME accepts small orders with affordable prices for custom print vinyl wrap from $14 to $30 per square meter, and color change vinyl wrap from $7 to $10 per square meter. Email us today ( to get a custom solution!

car wrap design template

Above are 4 easy steps of how to repair car wraps, have you got it? ACME has over 20 years in vehicle wraps and graphics fabricating and installation, please feel free to contact us for any questions in this field.

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