Eye-Catching Graffiti Vinyl Decals for Tesla

Eye-Catching Graffiti Vinyl Decals for Tesla
Case Study

Eye-Catching Graffiti Vinyl Decals for Tesla

Mr. Zhang, a Tesla owner, wanted to personalize his vehicle to reflect his unique style. After extensive research, he came across ACME Graphic Products, known for their high-quality vinyl decals.

Let’s check how we transform the Tesla into a work of art !


Mr. Zhang sought a way to customize his Tesla without permanent alterations or compromising the car’s sleek design. He was particularly interested in graffiti-style decals for their vibrant and contemporary appeal.


ACME’s extensive catalog of designs offered the perfect selection to match Mr.Zhang’s vision. Our vinyl decals designer created 2 versions of the design for him to choose from.


Selection: Mr.Zhang finally chose a set of bold design graffiti vinyl decals for his Tesla.

Application: Following ACME’s detailed instructions, he easily applied the decal himself, achieving a professional look without bubbles or misalignment.

Features of ACME Custom Vehicle Decals:

Visual Appeal: Make the vehicle stand out with a custom, artistic look, reflecting the owner’s personality.

Durability: The decal can withstand various weather conditions, maintaining its vibrant colors and adherence.

Ease of Maintenance: Owners can replace or remove the decals as desired, offering flexibility in vehicle customization.

graffiti car sticker

ACME Graphic Products offers an affordable, high-quality, and stylish option for car enthusiasts looking to make a statement.

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