Glossy or Matte Car Stickers? Which One is Better?

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Glossy or Matte Car Stickers? Which One is Better?

When preparing vehicle graphic solutions for our customers, one of our most frequently asked questions is “Which finish do you prefer? Glossy or matte car stickers?” Professional buyers who understand the printing industry will quickly tell us what they want. But for customers who are not familiar with the vinyl graphics and stickers industry, it is important to understand which finish is more suitable for their applications.


How is the Glossy or Matte Car Sticker Made?

vinyl sticker overlaminate

The glossy and matte finish refers to the surface effect of overlaminate film covered above our vinyl graphic products. They can protect the graphics, and extend stickers lifespan while demonstrating a glossy or matte finish effect.


Matte Vs Glossy Car Stickers in Different Aspects

glossy or matte car stickers

Color Appearance

Colors will appear richer on glossy stickers compared to matte stickers of the same design. This finish is shiny and it makes a sticker stand out easily with a decidedly modern feel with a lot of energy.


Color Contrast

Due to the way light is diffused by the laminate material, printed matte stickers will have a soft satin appearance with a very low sheen. So the color contrast of the graphics will be lower when compared to glossy stickers of the same design.



The glossy sticker finish has a shiny look and allows light to reflect off your sticker, which will have a high glare when light is shined directly at it.
The matte sticker finish, on the other hand, has a satiny light diffusion that gives a soft glow when light hits the sticker surface. This low glare finish is easy to read in all lighting conditions.



Both matte and glossy sticker finishes offer the same weather-resistant and anti-scratch protection. So they are equally durable.



Glossy car stickers are more popular than matte in general.


When to Choose Glossy Sticker Vinyl?

If your car decal or sticker has a lot of colors in it, go for flossy. Clip art, pop art, and anime decals will look great in a glossy finish. Besides, glossy stickers look more eye-catching outdoors.


When to Choose Matte Sticker Vinyl?

If you want to achieve an antique/vintage feel, a matte finish is more suitable. While glossy adds excitement and vibrancy, matte is more subdued and elegant.



Both our glossy and matte finishes car stickers hold color beautifully, feature the same premium 3M vinyl, and are light fade resistant. So, there really is no better choice when you select matte or glossy, it’s just a matter of personal taste. Contact ACME now for custom glossy or matte stickers for your car!


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