Food Truck Wrap

Food Truck Wrap


The food truck market is fiercely competitive and rapidly expanding. You must distinguish yourself from the crowd and guarantee that potential clients notice you. The food truck itself is one of the most effective promotional tools available. Your truck has a chance to become a neighborhood lunch hotspot if it has a modern, bright design and a style that reflects your company’s ideas. Food truck wrap is one of the most effective ways to give your truck a bold and striking appearance.

Vinyl wraps make it possible to create intricate and detailed designs that are specific to your company’s identity. You can change a plain and uninteresting truck into a stylish stand that’s hard to miss with a short application process.

The Basics About Food Truck Wrap

Vehicle wraps are made up of several pieces of printed vinyl panels that you can freely customize. You can use whatever color scheme, graphics, text, or design you like. ACME can print your design onto the large vinyl sheets. The printed panels can then be applied to the outside of your food truck.

Unlike a new paint job, vinyl wraps can achieve clarity and detail, even with lots of text, large images, and background patterns. To use paint, it would take multiple layers of color, a painstaking amount of time to lay out the details, and drying time in-between applications. And with all that effort and patience, you still would be limited in your design options. You’ll have none of those hassles with vinyl wrapping and can achieve almost any design scheme.

Things You Need to Know When Designing A Food Truck Wrap

For food truck owners, the appearance of the vehicle from the outside is essential for a successful business. Your vehicle should include the name of your company, what you sell, contact information, and any other key information.
Furthermore, your vehicle should have a recognizable logo and colors that make it noticeable and recognized from a mile away.

Full Wrap Vs. Partial Wrap?

Compare Full Wrap Partial Wrap
Design More space for design elements Strategically arrange elements
Visibility Maximize the visibility of food trucks from all sides Limited visibility
Cost Higher Lower
Apply Need professionals Less difficult


Food Truck Wrap Design Template

When we do a custom printing vinyl wrap for a food truck, we will need to design on a template as below. After confirming the design concept and requirements with customers, we will offer them several design ideas to choose from. We can also print with customers’ designs.

food truck wrap design template

Food Truck Wrap Ideas

mexican food truck wrapchicken wrap food truck wrap

ACME Vinyl Wrap for Food Truck

Based on the design and expected durability of vinyl wrap, we will offer the most suitable graphic solutions for each customer. From 3 to 9 years warranty, we can provide various solutions including clear, opaque, and reflective vinyl graphics and wraps.

  • Cost-effective Vinyl material as well as premium 3M Vinyl
  • Eco-friendly printing which is waterproof, fade-resistant, and scratch-resistant.
  • Custom design service with reasonable cost.

vehicle graphics digital printing


1. Q: Will food truck wrap damage my factory paint?
A: Vinyl wrap should not damage your food truck’s paint. A wrap will actually help to protect and preserve the paint. ACME uses premium vinyl film as the raw material to produce car wraps, which can be removed without leaving any residue within the warranty period.

2. Q: How does the food truck wrap cost?
A: ACME will offer quotations based on different materials, fabricating methods, and anticipated durability. It’s hard to give one universal price, but the estimated budgeting is $5-$10 per square foot for premium-grade vehicle wraps. However, a complex design or custom design can add cost.

3. Q: How to wrap a food truck?
A: We do not suggest you install the vinyl wrap yourself if you don’t have any car wrapping experience. However, if you are confident about your skills, our installation guidelines will be able to help.