Van Graphics | Fleet wrap

Van Graphics | Fleet wrap

Van Graphics Options

Firstly confirm which type of the above pattern is the most suitable one for you.

Small section graphics – decals or vinyl lettering placed somewhere on the vehicle.

vinyl lettering decals for van

Partial van wrap – a large-format graphic that covers a large portion of the sides of your van.

printed vinyl decals


Full wrap – From the roof of the van to the back and the sides, including doors and windows, is covered with graphics.

large van decals


Material Comparison and Selection

trailer wraps features- acme

Below is a brief comparison between premium cast grade vinyl material and calendared grade vinyl.

Item Cast Vinyl Calendered Vinyl
Thickness 4 mils(including adhesive) 8 mils(including adhesive)
Adhesive Air release channels for bubble-free installing
Pressure-activated for easy repositioning
Print Compatibility Latex, UV, eco-solvent, screen print Latex, UV, eco-solvent, screen print
Applied Shrinkage 0.015 inch (0.4 mm) Less than 0.019 inch
Temperature Range After Application -60°C to 107°C -40°C to 80°C
Finished Graphics Application Surface type: Flat, with and without rivets, simple curves, compound curves, and corrugations Surface type: Flat, with and without rivets, simple curves
Application Method Dry Wet
Graphic Removal Removable within the warranty period Removable with heat
Durability 5-7 years Eco-solvent printing: up to 3 years;
Screen printing: up to 5 years

You can select the characteristics of the material in the following aspects:

  • Durability –
  • UV resistance
  • Shrinkage
  • suited for curved surfaces or not

Customize your Van Graphics

If you already have a design:
Please send your artwork to Also please send your artwork format in ai. /cdr. /eps./pdf./tif./gif./bmp. And colours should be specified as CMYK, PMS, or Pantone.

If you don’t have a design or only have a basic concept:
Let us know the patterns, messages, images, colours, or any basic concept, ACME design artist will work out a custom solution based on your requirements and application.


Maintain Van Graphics

Proper maintenance can avoid fading your graphic and extend its lifespan. Follow the tips below to keep your van wrap looking sharp:

Washing: Once your van graphic or decal has been applied, you should keep it dry for the first week. After that, you can wash the vehicle on a weekly basis, but avoid using strong chemicals and waxes, or automatic car washes, especially high-pressure ones.

Van window perforated film or rear window graphics maintenance: Avoid rolling down windows for the first few days after installation. Also, avoid using windshield wipers or ice scrapers since these can damage your graphics. Instead, use a soft broom and defroster to remove any ice or snow.