Truck Graphics

Truck Graphics

Truck graphics are cost-effective marketing investments that can help promote your brand or company. Don’t waste the valuable space on your commercial truck, get the advertising payback with custom-designed fleet graphics, wraps, and decals!


Truck Graphics Options

There are many different options when it comes to graphics for trucks, they can be simple decals to full box truck wraps.

Truck vinyl decals & lettering – If the condition of the truck paint is good, decals and lettering may be the most cost-efficient option. These types of graphics are easy to be customized in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Full wrap – If you want to cover the vehicles’ old paint, or select a more complex design, we suggest full truck wraps. A full wrap will cover the whole exterior of vehicles, some will even cover the window areas as well.

Partial Wrap – This is a more affordable option since they don’t cover your entire vehicle. And in most cases, a combination of partial wrap plus vinyl lettering will meet the requirements of most customers.

Truck window graphics – Window decals for trucks are versatile in material and styles. Clear and perforated vinyl stickers are often applied as truck rear window graphics and sliding window decals. They are ideal for covering windows without restricting visibility. Besides, vehicle window decals or stickers don’t require professional installation, you can apply them alone easily.

Truck tailgate decals -Tailgate area is a perfect place for mobile advertising, giving brands a lot of time to make an impact on consumers. Besides logos or business brands, custom pickup truck tailgate graphics are also very popular.

Reflective truck vinyl graphics – Want to enhance the advertising effectiveness? Reflective vinyl material can help vehicles be more visible at night. And with specially designed reflective graphics, your truck will be the most eye-catching one 24 hours a day.

truck reflective graphics


Our graphic designers can help you choose the right solution for your vehicle, and each graphic will be customized to the specification of your truck.


Why Choose ACME as Your Truck Graphics Supplier?

Design – in-house design staff with no or low design charges.
Top selected raw material – Long-lasting 3M wrap materials, with air release channels and pressure-activated adhesive for easy sliding and tacking. Conforms to compound curves, corrugations, and rivets.
High-performance ink with advanced printing technique – HP Latex printing, Epson printer.
Installation – Our 3M preferred graphics installer sorted out installation tips and videos to help you easily complete the wrapping yourself so as to save high installation costs.
Warranty – 3M MCS Warranty.

Benefits of Truck Graphics

  • Create brand exposure and awareness for thousands of prospective customers.
  • Save your marketing budget compared with newspapers, television, billboards, or radio.
  • Each truck with truck graphics can generate up to 16 million visual impressions per year
  • Truck advertising has the lowest cost per thousand impressions. And is the most cost-effective advertising tool

Installation and Care

The back adhesive of our decals or stickers has air release channels. This will contributes to a bubble-free application and the adhesive is removable. By any chance, if you didn’t apply them in the correct position for the first time, just carefully peel them off and then apply them again. We have confidence that after learning our installation guidelines, you will be able to install your own decals and vinyl lettering.

Washing: Once the truck graphics or decals have been applied, you should keep it dry for the first week. After that, you can wash the vehicle on a weekly basis. But remember to avoid using strong chemicals and waxes, automatic car washes, especially high-pressure ones.