Trailer Graphics

Trailer Graphics

Trailer graphics are very popular on vehicles for motorsports racing, horses, and express delivery. We have over 20 years of OEM experience in the vehicle wraps and graphics field, and our commitment to quality makes ACME the ideal partner for commercial, fleet, or truck graphics. From full-coverage signage to smaller decals and stickers, we can do customized sizes and options.

Trailer Graphics Material

trailer wraps features- acme

Item Cast Vinyl Calendered Vinyl
Thickness 4 mils(including adhesive) 8 mils(including adhesive)
Adhesive Air release channels for bubble-free installing
Pressure-activated for easy repositioning
Print Compatibility Latex, UV, eco-solvent, screen print Latex, UV, eco-solvent, screen print
Applied Shrinkage 0.015 inch (0.4 mm) Less than 0.019 inch
Temperature Range After Application -60°C to 107°C -40°C to 80°C
Finished Graphics Application Surface type: Flat, with and without rivets, simple curves, compound curves, and corrugations Surface type: Flat, with and without rivets, simple curves
Application Method Dry Wet
Graphic Removal Removable within the warranty period Removable with heat
Durability 5-7 years Eco-solvent printing: up to 3 years;
Screen printing: up to 5 years

– Premium raw material. We use top-of-the-line cast vinyl materials from 3M to produce vehicle graphics, which have flexible conformity to different surfaces. Eco-friendly material is also available for some particular applications.

– Precise colouring printing with environmentally friendly ink. We use an HP latex printer that releases no toxic substances during the printing process.

– A layer of lamination is added to all our printed vehicle wraps for protection and to prolong durability against abrasion, UV rays, rain, and different weather conditions.


Benefits of Applying A High- quality Graphic

Most trailers have a lot of unused space, so why not use this open area as a creative and noticeable solution for marketing your business? Vinyl trailer graphics and stickers can help you:

  • Advertise your company without harming your vehicles.
  • Create brand exposure and awareness for thousands of prospective customers.
  • Save your marketing budget compared with newspapers, television, billboards, or radio.
  • 24/7 Promotion Day and Night


2 Ways to represent your brand

Reflective vinyl decals -produced from an engineer-grade 3M vinyl film. When light hits the material, it reflects, drawing attention to your sign. Great for car signs advertising at night. Reflective features can ensure that your visuals are visible even in low light.

3M™ MCS™ Warranty

As a graphics manufacturer, ACME is always committed to high standards products. We are certified by 3M for being able to offer the 3M MCS Warranty on finished graphics that meet customers’ exacting requirements. The certificate is available upon request, we’ll send you a copy or you can go to the 3M website to download it. Usually, it takes 7~10 working days to issue a certificate after application.


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