Police Car Graphics

Police Car Graphics

What Are Police Car Graphics?

Police car graphics refer to vehicle wraps or decals that applied to law enforcement vehicles. They are usually made from high-performance cast-grade self-adhesive vinyl, which is more durable. The graphics may be reflective or non-reflective, the important thing is that after wrapped with graphics or applied with decals, the police car needs to be easily identifiable even from a distance.


Why Is It Important to Use Police Car Graphics?

Identification – Police car wraps and graphics make law enforcement vehicles stand out to citizens during their patrol, so people can easily get help when necessary.

Reduce crime – Police vehicles on the go may reduce criminal activities with their authoritative image in the communities.

Special law enforcement purpose – A stealth graphic police car will need to conceal its identity during special operations.


Features of ACME Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

We use 3M products to ensure the highest quality of emergency vehicle decals, and we also have designers on staff to customize your unique design.

– Long durability casting grade vinyl film as raw material, which make the graphic with a 5~9 years lifespan.

– 3M MCS warranty available upon request.

– Excellent graphic representation with digital printing or screen printing.

– Laminated layer above the graphic for resists abrasion, scratches, and UV rays.

– Custom design vehicle decals available.


What’s the Cost of Police Car Wraps and Graphics?

I’m afraid we can not provide you a universal price level cause each graphic solution is unique. The cost can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars based on the raw material, printing method, and the complexity of the design. Please contact ACME for a free quote, we can help you with a solution within a specified budget or provide you with a quote for your existing designs.


How to Select A Vehicle Graphic or Decal?

  1. Reflective or non-reflective vinyl graphics?
  2. Requirements on durability?
  3. Laminated layer for protection required or not?



Installation and Care

We have an installation guide to help you wrap your car easily. We also provide 1-on-1 instructions service by our 3M certified installers that are experts in fleet graphics installation.

It is advisable to clean the vehicle on a weekly basis using gentle chemicals and tools. Road debris like salt and ice should be quickly removed to prevent scratches and scuff marks. Contact us for more information on how to make your vehicle wraps and graphics last as long as possible.