Emergency Vehicle Graphics

Emergency Vehicle Graphics

Benefits of Applying Reflective material

  • Safer roads for all drivers
  • Be visible and safe, 24/7
  • Optimized performance from many angles
  • The use of reflective graphics increases the number of annual impressions by 40 percent. (American Trucking Association, 1992).

Emergency vehicle graphics provide the same features as other graphic vinyl wraps, and with the additional benefit of having a higher level of reflective visibility.

graphics decals for emergency vehicles

Characteristic of Material

The table below shows the features of reflective materials:

emergency vehicles graphics

3M MCS Warranty

As a graphics manufacturer, ACME is always committed to high standards products. We are certified by 3M for being able to offer the 3M MCS Warranty on finished graphics that meet customers’ exacting requirements. Also, the certificate is available upon request, we’ll send you a copy or you can go to the 3M website to download it. Usually, it takes 7~10 working days to issue a certificate after application.

Why choose ACME Graphic

ACME has been a 3M certified preferred provider since 2018, and we can provide the 3M MCS warranty. We use the highest standard in vehicle vinyl wraps and more to bring quality graphic products to our customers. Besides, ACME wraps and graphics products have passed SGS inspection. We use an advanced Caldera colour management system and colour correction equipment to ensure our products meet clients’ expectations.

Examples of Emergency vehicle Graphics